Boredom Busters: 21 Cool Cardboard Projects For Kids

cool cardboard projects

If you’re already on the hunt for fun projects to do with your kids during these long, cold winter months, start saving your cardboard boxes, toilet paper and paper towel tubes because I’ve got a whole bunch of good ideas for you. Click through the gallery below for 21 super fun cardboard projects!

  • Ball Run 1 of 21
    Ball Run
    Shoot boredom dead in its tracks by building a cardboard ball run like this.
    Find all the details here from Apartment Therapy
  • Box Rocket 2 of 21
    Box Rocket
    What kid wouldn't go bonkers for his or her very own rocket ship?
    See the full tutorial at Sweet Paul Magazine
  • Pirate Ship 3 of 21
    Pirate Ship
    Arrrrr, matey! How about a cardboard fleet of pirate ships?
    Find all the details here from Molly Moo
  • Cardboard Castle 4 of 21
    Cardboard Castle
    How fun is this cardboard castle!
    Build your own with this inspiration from Eclectic Mom
  • Cardboard Chairs 5 of 21
    Cardboard Chairs
    Worth the effort? You tell me.
    See the full tutorial at Family Fun
  • Cardboard Easel 6 of 21
    Cardboard Easel
    Upcycled from a pizza box, so smart!
    See the full tutorial at Whip Up
  • Viking Boats 7 of 21
    Viking Boats
    These Narnia inspired boats are super cute and would be so much fun to make I think.
    Get all the details here from Ikat Bag
  • TP Roll Cars 8 of 21
    TP Roll Cars
    I can't read a word on this blog, but the pictures do all the talking anyway.
    See the details on these cute cars here from Kifli 'es levelndula
  • Rockin’ Cardboard Guitars 9 of 21
    Rockin' Cardboard Guitars
    Cardboard guitar jam session alert!
    See the full tutorial at Make It And Love It
  • Cardboard Airplane 10 of 21
    Cardboard Airplane
    Get your Google translator ready for this tutorial and then fly away!
    Details here from Milk Magazine
  • Cardboard Matchbox Car Garage 11 of 21
    Cardboard Matchbox Car Garage
    You'll have hours of fun with this I tell you!.
    Details here from Apartment Therapy
  • Road Map and Card 12 of 21
    Road Map and Card
    The creativity of some of these bloggers is mind boggling, what lucky kids they have!
    Create this car heaven using inspiration from Ikat Bag
  • Cardboard Animal House 13 of 21
    Cardboard Animal House
    What kid wouldn't love a cute little house for their stuffed animals? Super fun!
    See the full tutorial at Family Fun
  • Cardboard Swords 14 of 21
    Cardboard Swords
    Cardboard tubes and duct tape make for awesome pirate swords!
    See all the details here from Ikat Bag
  • Cardboard Train 15 of 21
    Cardboard Train
    This one even has a working lighted tunnel, how cool is that?
    Full details here from Ikat Bag
  • Box Crane 16 of 21
    Box Crane
    A working crane? So cool!
    Find the details here from Erin Writes
  • Cardboard Mailbox 17 of 21
    Cardboard Mailbox
    Love this idea, kids go bonkers for the mail so why not create your own cardboard postal system?
    Details here from Ikat Bag
  • Cardboard Tube Crane 18 of 21
    Cardboard Tube Crane
    Construction sites can be like Disneyland for kids, how about a cardboard crane for some imaginative fun!
    See the full tutorial at PBS Parents
  • Shadow Puppet Theater 19 of 21
    Shadow Puppet Theater
    Such a great idea!
    Details here from Salsa Pie
  • Cardboard Car 20 of 21
    Cardboard Car
    Love the pure joy on this kids face, cardboard cars equal hours of good old fashioned fun!
    Find all the details here from Who Knew?
  • Cardboard Suitcases 21 of 21
    Cardboard Suitcases
    Send your world traveler into the wild blue yonder with these cool cardboard suitcases in tow.
    see the full tutorial here from Apartment Therapy

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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