Boyfriend Jeans and . . . (How to Style Your Boyfriend Jeans)

The first time I saw a pair of boyfriend jeans I was in a Target in California. This was three years ago, and the girl wearing them looked so terribly cute that I snuck a stealth cell phone shot for analyzing deeply later. Because for a girl with shorter legs and wider hips, I knew I really needed to consider all the angles involved if I was going to jump on this trend. You know what I mean?

Thanks to a pair of maternity jeans that weren’t boyfriend jeans then but now totally are, I’m feel like I’m ready to start styling my own boyfriend jean looks. It’s not rocket science… I mean, certainly of all the trends going right now boyfriend jeans are probably the most relaxed and easy to pull off, but in honor of being thorough, I present unto you, Boyfriend Jeans Dot Dot Dot… Hope you enjoy!

  • … Leopard Print 1 of 17
    ... Leopard Print
    I mean, does NOTHING not look good with leopard?
    This look from Atlantic-Pacific.
  • … A Sweat Shirt 2 of 17
    ... A Sweat Shirt
    To keep this from looking too schlubby, add a soft scarf, or something sparkly.
    This look from A Gift Wrapped Life.
  • … A Grassy Field 3 of 17
    ... A Grassy Field
    No, I mean a SCARF. It's a cute look, right?
    This look from Indulgy.
  • … Nude Heels 4 of 17
    ... Nude Heels
    Nude heels automatically elongate your legs, undoing some of the bulk that this cut of jean is automatically going to give you.
    This look from Cheetah Is The New Black.
  • … Pearls! 5 of 17
    ... Pearls!
    The interplay between the boyish jeans and the lady-like strand of pearls is just delightful.
    This look from Le Blog De Betty.
  • … Polka Dots! 6 of 17
    ... Polka Dots!
    The polka dot is one of those patterns that are friendly to both genders, which makes this such a great look.
    This look from Sincerely Jules.
  • … A Flowy Jacket 7 of 17
    ... A Flowy Jacket
    I would tend to run the opposite direction and grab a super-tailored jacket, but these loose jackets really lend a bit of comfortable luxury to these looks, don't you think?
    This look from Fashionising.
  • … A Baseball Tee 8 of 17
    ... A Baseball Tee
    This look worn by me, but styled by <a href=""The Daybook Blog.
  • … A Blazer 9 of 17
    ... A Blazer
    Here we go with the structure. It looks great. So does her hair, though.
    This look from Seventy2 MInutes.
  • … A Baby 10 of 17
    ... A Baby
    Oh babies match everything, don't they?
    This look from ViewStyle.
  • … A Clutch 11 of 17
    ... A Clutch
    A clutch seems sort of out of place in this outfit, but I think that's part of its charm.
    This look from The Pink Peonies.
  • … Lace Up Boots 12 of 17
    ... Lace Up Boots
    This girl is ready to kick some butt.
    This look from Refinery 29.
  • … A Boyfriend Tee! 13 of 17
    ... A Boyfriend Tee!
    This look says "walk of shame and proud of it." I like that.
    This look from Zimbio.
  • … A Baseball Hat 14 of 17
    ... A Baseball Hat
    Home run! (Cheesy!)
    This look from Lookbook.
  • … A Half Tuck 15 of 17
    ... A Half Tuck
    The questionable half-tuck was positively made for the boyfriend jean trend. Work it!
    This look from Chictopia.
  • … A Billowy Top 16 of 17
    ... A Billowy Top
    I think the lesson here is: when wearing the boyfriend jean, fear not the volume!
    This look from Hatch.
  • … Oxfords 17 of 17
    ... Oxfords
    Just a little bit of scholarly sophistication, and proof that flats are never a bad idea.
    This look from Baroque Down.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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