Brand New Disney Dream Cruise: A Sneak Peek Inside the Ship!

Disney Dream

This week, I was fortunate enough to be invited to spend time on the inaugural cruise of the brand new Disney Dream, which departed this evening out of Port Canaveral and headed toward Castaway Cay, Disney’s private island in the Bahamas. Even more fortunate? I’m joined by the lovely Lucy, the 11-year-old daughter of Babble’s director of content + community. While I check out all the fantastic stuff for the 18+ crowd, Lucy’s all over everything Disney has to offer for kids. We’re not planning to leave the ship until, together, we’ve checked out every nook and cranny!

Cliché as it may sound, the ship truly is something out of a fairytale. As Disney tends to do, they have not left out a single detail on this ship — everything from illustrations of your favorite Disney characters that follow you up and down the elevator to animated photo frames that start talking to you as you walk by. (Totally frightened me the first, second, and third time this happened.)

Over the next few days, Lucy + I will be detailing our favorite new cruise offerings for kids + parents alike. And first up…the AquaDuck, the first ever water coaster at sea. See photos + read more about it after the jump! —Andrea Zimmerman

The AquaDuck: A waterslide at sea!

Disney Dream

Seeing as this was the first cruise ever for both of us, it didn’t take much to impress us. However, put a 765-foot long waterslide that propels up, down, around and off the side of the ship and back, and uh, yes, we’re thoroughly impressed. We didn’t get a chance to ride it today, but we’ll report back tomorrow on whether the duck is as fun as it looks. (We’re guessing yes.)

The boat has mini-golf! Yes, mini-golf!

Disney Dream

After a few hours of exploring, I thought I’d seen most of the super-cool stuff; after all, most of it jumped out at me right away (See: Photos that talk. See: Aquaduck). But when I stumbled (literally, stumbled) upon the 9-hole mini-golf course at the front of the ship, I thought, “My god, they’ve thought of everything.” For the kids and non mini-golf pros like me, they’ve even traced out a path on the green so you know where you should aim your golf ball. Sadly but not surprisingly, this did not help my game, but thoughtful, nonetheless.

Mouse-shaped everything!

Disney Dream

Disney Dream

Mouse-shaped bathroom mirrors? Check. Ice-cream sundaes embellished with mouse-shaped chocolates? Check. Mouse-shaped salt + pepper? Check. A BUTTER KNIFE SHAPED LIKE A PAINTBRUSH? Check. Some find this cheesy; I find it…awesome. Love or hate it, expect Mickeys and those extra-special Disney touches everywhere on this cruise.

Check in for our next post where Lucy shares her favorite Disney Dream discoveries!

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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