Skateboard on a Stroller. Breaking News from Orbit Baby.

Since the recent announcement of Babble.com being chosen as one of the top best 50 websites of the year by Time magazine, the site we know and love has been shown to world in a whole new light. Time magazine and Babble.com — yes, it makes perfect sense. We break the news about important parenting events, products, you name it. So in honor of this news-worthy Babble bent, I want to start off the Fall season with an exclusive, gigantic, awesome, life-changing announcement.

The Orbit Baby stroller has just released the new Sidekick. And yes, you are hearing it here first!

Click through for my ode to Orbit Baby and the first-look photos for your eyes only…

Where to start. Such sheer awesomeness doesn’t come along in the stroller world every day. I mean, look at this thing people! It’s a skateboard on a stroller! You really cannot get more revolutionary than this. Designed to fit an Orbit Baby G2 stroller, the Sidekick is going to rock the baby industry and allow you and your tots to travel in style. Solving the age old problem of ho-hum buggy stroller boards that actually force moms to reach over their spawn to push the stroller, the Orbit Baby Sidekick attaches in a side-rider position on the wheels so your tots are positioned on either side of you (yes, you can attach two!) so you can walk and stroll and they can feel cool.

Let me be absolutely clear on something. This Sidekick is one of the best reasons I’ve ever found for having a second child — and trust me, I’ve heard them all. To be fair, I have a rich history with the Orbit stroller. As my first official baby purchase, the Orbit Baby stroller meant so much more than just a way to get baby from A to Z. During my post-partum anxiety, it was the only thing that got me out of the house. It was so beautiful and I could rotate the seat sideways to insure that everyone in Central Park would come running to ask me where I got it. Talk about instant mom friends. I even credit Orbit Baby for inspiring my love of unique and innovative baby/kid products and actually my entire business (mamaista.com). Can you tell I’m excited?

But enough about me, back to the Sidekick. With one of the best design teams in the industry, it was only a matter of time till they added even more wizardry to the mix. You can even pick up two Sidekicks and attach one on each wheel so three kids can travel in relative harmony together. The new Orbit Baby Sidekick Stroller Board can be used with children from age 2 up to 50lbs. Also, the side-riding position allows tall children the option to ride without bumping their heads on the strolller frame. And did I mention the coolest part of all? The Sidekick flips up and stays out of the way when your tot is tired of showing off and decides to walk for a change.

What can I say, it’s so beautiful I’m actually considering having another baby. No. Really!

To pre-order your very own Sidekick, visit shoporbitbaby.com

Photos: Orbit Baby

Article Posted 8 years Ago

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