Bring a Little Glam to the Table

Sigh. I do love a good gold set of flatware at the table, don’t you? It’s so pretty. So shiny. So glam. So… expensive?

Yes, unfortunately, gold flatware tends to be much more expensive that the garden-variety ol’ silver kind. I did find a set for as little as $27 per 5-piece place setting though, which while not cheap, is not too bad. Below are 12 of the prettiest, shiniest, glamiest (is that a word?) modern gold flatware sets. Commence drooling.

  • Diane Von Furstenberg – Night 1 of 12
    The stunning set that started it all for me. This one is hard to get a hold of in gold, though the silver is still readily found.
    Available at Neiman Marcus, $80 (down from $115) for a 5-piece setting
  • Gotham – Argento 2 of 12
    Strong shapes and a not-too-shiny finish makes this a good, masculine choice.
    Available at Neiman Marcus, $120 (down from $143) for a 5-piece setting
  • Oneida – Alessandra 3 of 12
    The bronze/gold finish on this set feels a little more traditional than some of the other choices here.
    Available at Macy's, $100 (down from $145) for a 5-piece setting
  • Diane Von Furstenberg – Powerstone 4 of 12
    The faceted handles shapes are just slayng me. So GOOD.
    Available at Neiman Marcus, $150 for a 5-piece setting
  • Marchesa by Lenox – Imperial Caviar 5 of 12
    The round handles have a subtle hammered texture to them.
    Available at Macy's, $90 for a 5-piece setting
  • Gold Flatware 6 of 12
    The most affordable set of the bunch if you're buying by the setting. The squared off handles are especially handsome.
    Available at West Elm, $29 for a 5-piece setting
  • Anthropologie – Gold-dipped 7 of 12
    The best of both worlds! Sing it with me now: Silver and gold, silver and gold…
    Available at Anthropologie, $38 for a 5-piece setting
  • Hammered Gold ‘Country’ 8 of 12
    A fantastic price for eight place settings (just $27 per set)! A nice hammered finish, too.
    Available at Neiman Marcus, $220 for eight 5-piece settings
  • Rose Gold Flatware 9 of 12
    Oh my. I'm crushing on this set big time. Shiny rose gold is so lovely and feminine.
    Available at West Elm, $39 for a 5-piece setting
  • Linea Ice Oro 10 of 12
    Hello, gorgeous. The shape of each piece is just perfect.
    Available at Gretel, $119 for a 5-piece setting
  • Design Within Reach – Almoco 11 of 12
    This modern set is also available in black (so awesome), or standard silver.
    Available at Design Within Reach, $50 for a 5-piece setting
  • Wallace Silversmiths – Euro Beads 12 of 12
    Another more traditional option, but just enough detail to make it beautiful, not fussy.
    Available at Neiman Marcus, $250 for a 5-piece setting

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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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