Cargo Pants: Hail to the Houlihan

Ok, I admit the Houlihan pant by J Brand may qualify as old news in the fashion world,  but I think it’s still worth talking about. One day in early May I saw my good friend Ilse, (she and her husband own the super chic NYC boutiques, Wink) wearing a pair. When I asked about them she looked a bit shocked and proceeded to tell me they were so hot she couldn’t keep them in the stores. I was disgraced. It had only been a couple of months since I left my job as a magazine fashion director. Could I be that out of the loop already? And of course, in the days that followed I read about the Houlihan in The New York Times, and begin to spot women everywhere wearing them—which I likened to when you are trying to get pregnant and suddenly the whole world seems to be.

The thing about the Houlihan is they really do look good on everyone. Ilse is blessed with long thin legs—the kind that got her Nair commercials—so it was no surprise they flattered her, but the women I saw wearing them on the streets were of all shapes and sizes, and each of them truly looked great.  But here’s the thing. I have always had a tricky relationship with the cargo pant. It was something that we covered quite a bit at Real Simple because it was such a practical style of pant, and one that was quite popular with our reader. To me though, they just didn’t seem to make sense for anyone except little boys who had lots of found treasures to fill all those pockets.

But that opinion changed the moment I slipped on a pair of  Houlihans for the first time. That was about five weeks ago and truth be told, I have worn them more times than I care to admit. You might just say they have become precious cargo. click here to see more colors.The Houlihan are sold out in many places, but Nordstrom still have a lot of sizes in stock. Here are all the colors they carry:

photo one:

photos two-five:

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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