Celebrate Constitution Day with the Kids!

Happy Constitution Day, everyone! Granted, today is an overlooked holiday (it doesn’t have the same ring to it as “Independence Day”), and kids don’t get a day off — so is it really a holiday?

However, this is an important day for kids to understand and recognize because it’s this particular document, which was signed 223 years ago today, that laid the foundation for how our society functions. We constantly teach our kids about rules, boundaries and laws — so why not celebrate the mother of all rule books? Or at least acknowledge the U.S. Constitution’s massive significance to all citizens, big and little alike.

So if you’re looking for activities for kids or just a general acknowledgment of today’s significance, here are our favorite Constitution Day ideas.

George Washington Paper Doll

This fabric paper doll can be dressed up like George Washington, which is an especially vintage-like activity for the occasion. What a perfect way to teach kids about our first President and his role in the Constitutional Convention. (Kellet Kreations, $8.)

Benjamin Franklin Doll

Can’t forget about Benjamin Franklin! Kids might know about his scientific experiments and inventions, but he was also one of our Founding Fathers who originally signed our U.S. Constitution. This is a sweet handmade doll decked out in traditional colonial clothing, holding his legendary kite. If there’s any way to instill a love for our constitution, a plush toy is a good start. (Girl Called Ric, $40)

I Love the Constitution

Start ’em even earlier with this handmade onesie professing love for the constitution. We think this is an adorable gift idea for lawyer or political parents determined to instill this passion in their kids. (One Republic Apparel, $14)

Constitution Day

And if you do an especially good job teaching your kids about Constitution Day, maybe they’ll be so inspired when brainstorming Halloween costumes. This Colonial Patriot costume is handmade from the Etsy shop Monkey Doodle, and is a classic representation of what our Founding Fathers might have worn while signing the U.S. Constitution. (Monkey Doodle, $78)

Constitution Day

Or you can go all out with this Ben Franklin Halloween Costume, $19.99 at Toys ‘R Us.

Constitution Pendant

And if your daughter is especially moved by the U.S. Constitution’s significance, you can always buy this handmade pendant (only $10!) from the Etsy shop Dreams Of My Forefather. What a beautiful, patriotic reminder.

*Happy Constitution Day!

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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