I Don’t Care If It’s Still 85 Degrees Outside — In My House, It’s Pumpkin Spice Season

While many of you were still soaking up the summer sun, applying SPF to sandy children and planning out the appetizers for your Labor Day BBQ, I was doing the Whip and Nae Nae through the aisles of my local craft store. I was inhaling cinnamon apple potpourri, poring over tin white pumpkins, and taking in all the warm orange hues that signify fall.

That’s right, ladies. It may still be 85 degrees outside, but here in my heart (and also my living room), it’s FALL!

Some of you will say it’s a shame to wish away the last moments of summer. Believe me, I’ve heard it before. In the Northeast where I live, people hold on to these warm sunny days as long as they can, because after a brief fall usually comes a long, bitterly cold winter.

But guess who could care less? THIS GIRL RIGHT HERE.

Katey DiStefano poses with some fall leaf decor.
Image Source: Katey DiStefano

Even as a kid, I loved fall. The smell of the freshly-fallen leaves and the brisk bite in the air meant soccer and football games and sweater weather and apple cider and — the cherry on top — Halloween.

Now that I have kids, I celebrate the season loud and proud. I want them to embrace the beautiful yet fleeting season, when the world around us magically changes color as we settle in together and wait for snow.

This means that if you come to my house anytime after August 15, you might be greeted by a light smattering of fall decor out front. Just a touch. I can’t really go full-throttle until the mums are in season. (I do have some guidelines here, people.)

Then, as the kids say these days, my front porch gets LIT.

Katey DiStefano's front porch shows pumpkins and various other fall decor.
Image Source: Katey DiStefano

If you come inside, you might notice a small shrine-like centerpiece on the dining room table. Nothing crazy. Just enough to say, “Come in from the harsh summer heat, my sweat-drenched friends — it’s fall in here.”

Katey DiStefano's dining table shows an array of gourds and pumpkins, with a fall flower centerpiece.
Image Source: Katey DiStefano

And what kind of home would I be creating for my children if I didn’t load up on the two major staples of the season? You got it — pumpkin spice candles and the ever controversial CANDY CORN. (For the record, we are pro-candy corn house and we will not be shamed into swaying our stance on the subject.)

Katey DiStefano's side table shows a fall-scented candle and a bowl of candy corn.
Image Source: Katey DiStefano

If you live on my street, you may even notice me prematurely frolicking in the fallen foliage. Because no, I will not be shamed into waiting for fall cleanup to come before rolling around in my yard. One leaf or 500, it’s all the same to me.

Katey DiStefano lays on her lawn, surrounded by a few fall leaves. She is smiling.
Image Source: Katey DiStefano

So my message to you is simple: If you — like me — are hopelessly obsessed with fall, and can’t WAIT to shout it from the rooftops for all your neighbors to hear, don’t let the summer lovers silence you. Pound your pumpkin spice latte, hang your fall wreaths, bake your banana nut bread, and live your love of fall out loud!

Author Katey DiStefano lays in bed, hugging a stuffed scarecrow decoration for fall.
Image Source: Katey DiStefano
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