Children's Books You'll Like Just as Much as Your Kids

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One of the things I’ve loved the most about preparing for the arrival of our baby is collecting children’s books. I’ve loved discovering new-to-me books that have charming story lines as well as delightful illustrations. I want to frame practically every page from some of the reissues from the 50s and 60s. Here are some of my favorites I’ve come across so far.

  • Press Here 1 of 14
    Press Here
    There's an optical illusion on each page of this book that will wow both you and your child.
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  • Miroslav Sasek 2 of 14
    Miroslav Sasek
    This one is part of an entire series of books that discover different cities with great illustrations from the 50s and 60s.
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  • Pigeon 3 of 14
    The funny story lines and simple illustrations have made Mo Willem's pigeon books a favorite among kids and parents.
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  • Paul Thurlby’s Alphabet 4 of 14
    Paul Thurlby's Alphabet
    A is for awesome! This alphabet book is one of the coolest you'll come across.
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  • An Awesome Book 5 of 14
    An Awesome Book
    Not only are the illustrations so bright and happy in this book, you'll love the message too.
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  • Charley Harpers ABC 6 of 14
    Charley Harpers ABC
    I'm sure you're familiar with the art of Charley Harper and his ABC book is the perfect way to introduce your children to it too.
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  • Zoo 7 of 14
    I've included quite a few reissues here because I'm in love with illustrations from the 50s and 60s. Bruno Munari is an acclaimed artist and after reading this book you'll see why.
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  • Seasons 8 of 14
    This book goes through all the seasons with colorful pages and simple words. Even winter looks happy.
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  • Wave 9 of 14
    This book has hardly any text, just pretty pencil drawn illustrations. It will make you want to go play in the ocean.
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  • A Long Piece of String 10 of 14
    A Long Piece of String
    The simple black, white and orange illustrations of this book are great for developing eyes.
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  • Henri’s Walk to Paris 11 of 14
    Henri's Walk to Paris
  • I Know A Lot of Things 12 of 14
    I Know A Lot of Things
    Another reissue that you and your kids will love for it's graphic illustrations.
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  • Sparkle and Spin 13 of 14
    Sparkle and Spin
  • Spoon 14 of 14
    Amy is one of my favorite authors for her quirky ideas. The best part is when the spoons spoon at the end.
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