Children's Clothes That Grow?

Today my four year old wore pants from when she was 6 months old. No it wasn’t one of her wacky fashion choices of late (and there are many of those– lately she’s been channeling both Lady Gaga and Astrid the viking girl from How to Train Your Dragon). These pants are actually designed to span a few years…

While pregnant with her, I did a bit of shopping for baby clothes with my friend Tricia on a visit to Portland, OR. At her favorite kids clothing shop, Grasshopper, I found some adorable, super soft, wide leg pants with an elastic waistband by Wild Carrots for the baby-to-be. When I couldn’t find a size on them, I asked the shopkeeper for assistance. She explained that it’s Wild Carrots philosophy not to put size labels (they now use very broad “sizes”, i.e. 1-3 years) on their clothing because they’re designed to grow with the child and be worn in many different ways for different stages. Dresses become tops, pants become long shorts, etc. In the moment I shrugged it off and bought the cute pants thinking who cares if they fit 2 years from now?

Well, those pants were great as long pants as a baby, then cropped pants as a toddler and FOUR years later she is still wearing those pants– as long shorts- and I’m sold. My newborn daughter will also get to wear them at some point if I can get Hayden to pass them on! Hayden also has a few Wild Carrots dresses (thanks to Tricia : ) and they’re great because they have no zippers or buttons and are lightweight and easy to throw on for Spring/Summer. I didn’t realize when we got them, but the right style of dress for a toddler can evolve into a super cute top when your daughter is a couple of years older.

Article Posted 8 years Ago

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