Christmas Trees: Real or Fake?

Up until this year, I swore I’d never be the “type” to get a fake Christmas tree. Bundling up with the family, picking out and chopping down our choice tree, smelling that fresh pine scent throughout the house — those are some of the most heartwarming memories I have.

But the past few weeks have been hectic, with obligations taking over our weekends and an overall lack of time to map out a holiday plan. So with Christmas a week away, we finally got our Christmas tree up — pretty much making us feel like total Scrooges. I take great pride in my Christmas tree decorating skills, and meaningful ornaments are some of my most prized possessions, yet we just couldn’t get it together this year. And we probably would still be living without a tree if we someone didn’t give us a darling 4 ft. tabletop tree to help us out. The only thing…its a fake.

Yet I kind of love it. Artificial trees will never look like the real thing, sure, and we’re definitely missing out on the scent (which we took care of with pine scented candles), but we’ll most likely use it every year — along with a real tree. I think it’s fun to have a smaller faux tree for the kids to decorate, or a funky, colorful fake Christmas tree to break from the norm.

Here are some more fun faux trees we found. And tell us, which do you prefer?:

1. Green Feather Tree: Pier One, $25

2. Gold Pencil Tree Collection: Target, $79.99 – $299.99

3. Shell Tabletop Trees: Neiman Marcus, $495

4. Faux Washington Frasier Fir Christmas Tree: Neiman Marcus, $715

5. White Christmas Tree: Neiman Marcus,$120

6. Nicole from Making it Lovely via Treetopia

7. Victoria’s Not-So-Secret Pink Pencil Christmas Tree: Treetopia,$149

8. Tinkerbell Silver Christmas Tree: Treetopia, $149

[Lead photo via Mail Online]

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