Cinderella + Sephora Collection Makes Grown Women Swoon

You know, there are a lot of reasons why I’m a Disney fan. A lot. Even beyond my 3-year-old child’s mesmerized love affair with everything Disney — which, any parent will tell you, is reason alone to back the Mouse Ears. And one often-overlooked reason is that Disney really knows how to do a quality collaboration. (Have you seen their Stride Rite shoes? Or their swaddle blankets? Or their SPIRITHOODS, for crying out loud?)

And their latest collaboration with Sephora, called Reigning Beauties, is a series of limited-edition collections inspired by our favorite Disney princesses. First up is Cinderella — and it’s not just the packaging that’s beautiful (although, yes, the packaging is beautiful):

  • Storylook Eyeshadow Palette, $55 1 of 7
    Storylook Eyeshadow Palette, $55
    Besides the fact that these are Sephora eyeshadows — meaning they're high-quality and beautifully pigmented, these 20 colors are pulled from the original Pantone colors from the Cinderella film — like the Pumpkin Coach (cream gold), Ball Gown (pearl white), and the Glass Slippers (white blue shimmer).
  • A Brush With Fate Nail Polish Set, $24.50 2 of 7
    A Brush With Fate Nail Polish Set, $24.50
    This 6-pack of glittery miniature nail polishes are a mix of romantic blue tones and royal metallics.
  • Moonlit Kiss Lipstick Set, $25 3 of 7
    Moonlit Kiss Lipstick Set, $25
    These creamy, satin-finish lipsticks match the colors of Cinderella's dresses in the movie: berry, peach, warm rose, and champagne.
  • Midnight Hour Eye Shadow Palette, $30 4 of 7
    Midnight Hour Eye Shadow Palette, $30
    Create a smokey, seductive look with this four-piece eye pallet of shimmery neutral shades. Even more than the eye shadow, I love the gorgeous original artwork by Disney.
  • Compact Mirror, $20 5 of 7
    Compact Mirror, $20
    Yet this compact mirror — designed to look like the iconic clock that struck midnight — might be my favorite for Cinderella fans. It's so elegant and glamorous.
  • So This is Love…, $58 6 of 7
    So This is Love..., $58
    A Cinderella-inspired perfume, with notes of aldehydes, plumeria, tuberose, and jasmine — and a background of soft musk, which "wraps you in the arms of Prince Charming." It's designed to be a romantic, feminine scent.
  • So This is Love…Swarovski Edition, $175 7 of 7
    So This is Love...Swarovski Edition, $175
    For those with a more expensive taste, this same perfume is packaged in a Swarovski-edition bottle that sparkles like a glass slipper.


The bad news: This collection won’t last long. (Enter the typical metaphor of “the clock striking midnight.”) But the good news: Sephora and Disney will introduce a new princess collection soon. But will it be as elegant as the Cinderella collection? We shall see.


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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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