7 Clever Storage Ideas for a Small Kitchen

1KITCHEN-624x624Big kitchens are great; all of that space and storage can make for a beautiful and put-together space. This is why I get jealous when I go to visit friends and family who have larger kitchens. But while a small kitchen can be a definite downer, it doesn’t have to be! The trick is thinking creatively with the space. There are lots of tips and tricks that you can use to save on drawer and cabinet space. Don’t believe me? I found 7 ingenious storage ideas for small kitchen spaces — but first here are a few of my personal tips to help you out:

Find a Specific Place for Everything in Your Kitchen

A small kitchen can feel cramped really quickly. It’s really easy for the space to seem messy when there’s actually very minimal mess. Here’s something my mom taught me, and I swear by it! If everything has a specific place and you keep it there, the kitchen is a lot more likely to feel tidy and not nearly as small. Plus, you’ll know where everything is! Having a place for everything (and maybe even labeling it for the rest of the family) will ensure things stay tidy.

Skip Bulk Shopping

Having only what you need in your kitchen on hand is a great way to save space. Buying in bulk is great, but not so much for a smaller kitchen. Bulk items can take up precious space for those items you need easy access to, which can be very difficult when cooking. Keep a checklist of your kitchen staples and the amounts that you need on hand at any given time, and try your best to stick to only purchasing more when it runs out. You’ll be amazed at the space you save in your small kitchen!

And now for 7 small kitchen storage ideas:

1. Hanging Drying Rack

Image source: DigsDigs
Image source: DigsDigs

If you have a small kitchen and use a drying rack, this idea is genius. Place a drying rack over the sink to save on space. Also, the water will just fall into the sink during drying. So clever!

(via DigsDigs)

2. Hanging Utensil Rod

Image source: House to Home
Image source: House to Home

Counter space is precious in a small kitchen, so try using the walls for some storage. Hang pots and pans from the ceiling or smaller items on a rack on the wall. This will save your counters from clutter and keep your cabinets open for the bigger, more unsightly items.

(via House to Home)

3. Hanging Mason Jars

Image source: HGTV
Image source: HGTV

How cool are these jars? They are a great way to store things you need easily accessible, and they’re pretty so that’s a bonus!

(via HGTV)

4. Installed Cutting Board

Image source: House Beautiful
Image source: House Beautiful

Storing cutting boards can be a bit of a pain. Mine are always falling over or stacked where I can’t get them. Enter the installed cutting board. Genius.

(via House Beautiful)

5. Shoe Organizer for the Pantry

Image source: Shelterness
Image source: Shelterness

Using every inch of your pantry can be tricky, which is why we loved this kitchen hack. Add a shoe organizer to the back of your pantry door for even more food storage options!

(via Shelterness)

6. Lid Racks

Image source: Martha Stewart
Image source: Martha Stewart

I am constantly searching for pot lids that fit the pot I am using. Why are they never together? I love this clever idea of storing the pot lids on the inside of the cabinet door. It’s a great way to save some space for the pots themselves!

(via Martha Stewart)

7. Drawer Dividers

Image source: Decor Pad
Image source: Decor Pad

We rarely use all of the space in our drawers in the kitchen, which is why I loved this idea. With some handy stacked dividers, your drawers can get more bang for their buck!

(via Decor Pad)

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