Cool Colored Nail Polish

I have always been a year round pedicure kind of  girl —and bikini wax for that matter.  I feel having my toes tended to once a month is an innocent enough indulgence (arguably, maybe more so when I had a steady paycheck). While I am always open to the new trendy nail color, I generally would go for red toes for Fall and Winter, and something in the hot pink family for Spring and Summer.

My fingernails, on the other hand, were always natural, just buffed and shined. But that changed several months ago when I began wearing color (a particular one) on my hands. Two things happened that caused this. First, I read in Allure magazine that your hands look younger when you wear colored polish. The other thing that altered my naked fingernail policy was when my friend, and the former beauty director at Real Simple, walked into my office right before I left the magazine, and handed me a bottle of Mac’s Cool Reserve nail polish. I had commented on how much I loved the color when she had called it in for a story a few months before.

And so began the habit of having my toe and fingernails painted with my new perfect color. What followed were more compliments then I could count on all my “Cool Reserve-colored” fingers and toes. Everyone from young shop girls at my favorite boutiques, to the cashier at Whole foods, to a random man on the street, comment on how much they love the color of my nails. Those who say more, make the keen observation that the shade  is similar to the grays that have been so popular in polishes for awhile —“You  Don’t Know Jacques” and “Chinchilly,”  anyone?–but nicer because it’s more purple. My thoughts exactly.

Problem is, Cool Reserve was a limited addition color from Fall, and I couldn’t find it when I wanted to stock up. A little searching turned up ten bottles on Ebay,—but at a price. $39.99 to be exact. Now, I know it seems ridiculous to pay that much for nail polish, but this color has become my signature and so I may have no choice. And if any of you are tempted to indulge, I highly recommend it.  It truly is a unique and flattering color. However, for those (including, possibly, myself) who just can’t justify spending that kind of money,  see my suggestions for similar shades after the jump.

Done out in Deco by OPI

Demure Vixen by Essie

Parlez-Vous OPI? by OPI

photo one: Ebay

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