Crazy Prints Anyone Can Wear

Prints are having a huge moment in fashion. Whether it’s polka dots, florals, stripes, chevrons, ikats or lace, chances are you’re faced with a closet full of prints and a sartorial challenge ahead. But rocking the prints doesn’t have to be intimidating, or an exercise in “look at me!” loud dressing, either.

After the jump, I’ve rounded up a collection of the most of-the-moment prints and some tricks for how to wear them as subtly as possible. (But not too subtly, I mean, let’s have a bit of fun with it, right?)

  • When In Doubt, Chambray 1 of 22
    When In Doubt, Chambray
    There is no print on this planet that does not play nicely with a chambray. The subtly of this light denim will always offer balance to the brightness of your print, turning it into a wearable trend for any gal.
    Image via Vanessa Jackman
  • Buy Your Own 2 of 22
    Buy Your Own
    I prefer my chambray just on this side of rough. It will fit right in to your casual wardrobe and add some roughness and contrast to feminine prints like florals.
    Buy this crazy print at Forever 21 for $27.80
  • Tribal/Fair Isle 3 of 22
    Tribal/Fair Isle
    I'm seeing tribal prints mixing with fair isle prints pretty regularly lately, so I'm lumping them together here. My favorite way to wear this trend is through leggings. A perfect foil to a detailed print like this is a large, graphic statement, like this heart tee.
    Image via Milk 'n' Cookiesz
  • Buy Your Own 4 of 22
    Buy Your Own
    Don't be scared! Denim jackets are another good add-on to this look, balancing out the effect with a solid color.
    Buy this crazy print at Urban Outfitters for $39
  • Pretty Florals 5 of 22
    Pretty Florals
    A nice pretty floral can err on the side of saccharine. I love to bring in something edgy to balance all that sweetness. A dark, fitted jacket. Plus, every girl should have a well-tailored blazer in her closet. It's such a key piece! Some butt-kicking shoes or angry looking jewelry (Think studded.) would also make excellent additions.
    Image via InStyle
  • Buy Your Own 6 of 22
    Buy Your Own
    Ready for some edge? This form-fitting frock is perfect for layering and will be able to transition through several seasons if you add some tights to the outfit.
    Buy this crazy print at Forever 21 for $11.50
  • Big, Fat Florals 7 of 22
    Big, Fat Florals
    The key to styling loud bottoms is a neutral top. And with this trend, matching colors exactly is entirely kosher. It's like elementary school all over again, matching our socks with our barrettes. Pick one of the more subtle colors in the print and find a shirt in a similar color to really make the pattern pop.
    Image via Chictopia
  • Buy Your Own 8 of 22
    Buy Your Own
    I always love Zara for a good pair of skinnies. Don't deny your inner flower child, you can rock this trend.
    Buy this crazy print at Zara for $59.90
  • Go For Head To Toe 9 of 22
    Go For Head To Toe
    Sometimes it's best to just fully commit to something and let it speak for itself. No mixing, no foiling, just BOOM. Prints. Make your statement with one simple clothing item. If you're nervous, keep the pattern images small.
    Image via The Sartorialist
  • Buy Your Own 10 of 22
    Buy Your Own
    OR JUST GO FOR IT! This printed dress makes a glamorous, bold statement. And you'll still be able to relax in comfort. Pair it with some simple gold hoop earrings to bring in just a hint of a classic touch.
    Buy this crazy print at Anthropologie for $298
  • Bold Ikat 11 of 22
    Bold Ikat
    Who says loud bottoms get to have all the fun? Bring the party up top as well with some equally bold color blocking, which adds symmetry to your overall look!
    Image via Song of Style
  • Buy Your Own 12 of 22
    Buy Your Own
    This really is an incredible color that meshes well with most skin tones and will bring out the natural roses in your cheeks. Can't you see yourself matching it up with a deep turquoise or purple blouse?
    Buy this crazy print at Joe's Jeans for $179
  • Refined Ikat 13 of 22
    Refined Ikat
    Some might find color blocking to be a bit too intimidating. No worries! If that's the case, you can pick up a neutral pattern, choose the dominant hue, and repeat it to create a more polished look.
    Image via KeikoLynn
  • Buy Your Own 14 of 22
    Buy Your Own
    These are amazing and beige will always blend right in with the other colors in your wardrobe. Give your old standby teeshirt n' jeans outfit a complete fashion overhaul.
    Buy this crazy print at Zappos for $150.99
  • Lace 15 of 22
    Some use lace as an edging or accessory. But I find that lace just begs to be used in monochromatic outfits for a unique, updated look.
    Image via Paled
  • Lace 16 of 22
    The trick is to mix textures within the same hue. Pair a lace top with light denim. Or a lace skirt with a knit sweater.
    Image via Harpers Bazaar Argentina
  • Buy Your Own 17 of 22
    Buy Your Own
    Isn't this lovely? Anthropologie is styling it with a pair of similarly-hued tan shorts, of course.
    Buy this crazy print at Anthropologie for $168
  • Leopard 18 of 22
    When dealing with a really loud print, sometimes it's best to take it easy and add small touches. A scarf is genius animal print accessory. Clutches and bracelets are another great way to add a touch of wild kingdom to your daily style.
    Image via Chictopia
  • Buy Your Own 19 of 22
    Buy Your Own
    Here's a perfect and affordable way to start incorporating this print into your wardrobe. Before you know it, you'll start finding other ways to sneak it in. I guarantee it!
    Buy this crazy print at ASOS for $38.27
  • Delicate Polka On Polka 20 of 22
    Delicate Polka On Polka
    When styling dots, sometimes it's fun to just go nuts with it. Polka on polka? You can pull this off if both hues are soft and easy on the eyes.
    Image via Gal Meets Glam
  • Striking Polka On Polka 21 of 22
    Striking Polka On Polka
    Then again, occasionally it's go bold or go home, am I right? The key to a strong polka on polka is layering!
    Image via Atlantic-Pacific
  • Buy Your Own 22 of 22
    Buy Your Own
    Minty fresh! Incorporate two of the hottest spring trends in one fell swoop.
    Buy this crazy print at Apricot for $43.55

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