Creating a Family Friendly Art Gallery

Hanging a home art gallery can be somewhat intimidating, but if you start with one large piece, and add around it, you can create family friendly art galleries that you can continue to add to and grow over time. Or, group like-sized framed pictures together for a more symmetrical look. Adding children’s drawings, family photos and mementos from trips together make home galleries much more uniquely personal. I think the idea is to just have fun, remembering art has no rules! And there’s always Spackle if you mess up or want to rearrange things!

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  • Staircase Gallery 1 of 6
    Staircase Gallery
    A colorful gallery really livens up a blank staircase landing. Display the artwork in the corner to add more interest!
    Photo Credit: Susanna Vento
  • Children’s Artwork 2 of 6
    Children's Artwork
    I love this grid of children's drawings. No more just taping art to the fridge door - display their artwork as a unique gallery.
    Photo Credit: martha stewart
  • Decorative Plates 3 of 6
    Decorative Plates
    Decorative plates, on their own, or in clusters look so great hanging on a wall in a kitchen or dining room. I love to mix and match them for a really fun look.
    Photo Credit: Ninainvorm
  • Child’s Art Space 4 of 6
    Child's Art Space
    Kenzipoo has a great idea for a child's personal art space, leaving them more room to create. I love the addition of bunting for a more playful look.
    Check out more of her great ideas!
  • Make it Pop With Paint 5 of 6
    Make it Pop With Paint
    Painting a bright color behind your picture gallery makes artwork really pop. Black and white family photos really stand out well, too.
    Photo Credit: Make It Do It
  • Tranquil Pastels 6 of 6
    Tranquil Pastels
    Symmetrically hung pictures make for a more tranquil look. Framing your images in inexpensive white frames creates a clean, cohesive gallery.
    Photo Credit: Brooke Giannetti

Top image via Susanna Vento.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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