Cupcake Liner Hacks That You Need to Know

Summertime is filled with warm weather, delicious eats, and barbecues. But with these wonderful treats comes melted popsicles and pesky bugs. No one likes a bug diving into their drink!

There are simple hacks to avoid these summer mishaps, using everyday items found around the house. One of the simplest is the cupcake liner. There are lots of ways for these little cuties to save the day!

Popsicle Hack

The popsicle: summer’s best companion. But when your little one gets distracted in the summer sun, this frozen treat can turn into a sticky situation very quickly. Grab a cupcake liner, cut a hole for the popsicle stick, and slide it through to protect your hands from the fast-melting treat!

image source: babble
image source: babble

Drink Hack

Stop swatting the buzzing bugs away from your drink and start enjoying it instead. The liner will fit well over the top of your glass. Grab a straw, cut a hole in the cupcake liner, and slide the straw through to keep your drink bug-free.

cupcake liners 2
image source: BABBLE
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