Deck the Halls: Vintage Ornament Finds

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So, I have this thing about decking the halls for the holidays. I am of the rather strong belief that as many objects as one can muster should be handmade or old.

I have no idea why I hold this conviction so firmly, but I am guessing it has a little something to do with spending hours making ornaments with my mom and delighting year after year when I found the same old ornaments on my grandmother’s tiny tabletop tree. So vintage Christmas ornaments? Well, they’re my kind of love. Luckily for all of us without a solid stash of holiday decorations to raid through, places like Etsy and eBay are a virtual treasure trove of vintage holiday wares at really affordable price points. Here are 15 of my favorites to inspire your own tree trimming!

  • Vintage Glass Christmas Ornaments 1 of 15
    Vintage Glass Christmas Ornaments
    I love this sweetly modern trio of glass ornaments in pale blue, fuchsia and deep purple.
    Get them for $5.50 from Cheerful Owl.
  • Orange Drop Vintage Ornament 2 of 15
    Orange Drop Vintage Ornament
    This bright, mid-century orange ornament is one of those pieces that you'll treasure year after year!
    Get it for $9.99 from Reservoires.
  • Vintage Angel Ornament 3 of 15
    Vintage Angel Ornament
    Angels are a Christmas mainstay, and I definitely prefer them of the vintage variety!
    Get it for $14.95 from efine gifts.
  • Petite Glass Ornaments 4 of 15
    Petite Glass Ornaments
    These mini glass ornaments are so fresh in their shades of blue, green and mustard yellow.
    Get them for $15 from Blue Onion Curios.
  • Little Boy Christmas Ornament 5 of 15
    Little Boy Christmas Ornament
    A total Christmas classic from my childhood, I just love this charming little boy ornament.
    Get it for $11 from Just Smashing Darling.
  • Painted Wood Ornaments 6 of 15
    Painted Wood Ornaments
    These hand-painted wood ornaments have a beautiful Swedish aesthetic that's a real win, especially if you're going for a more handmade feel on your tree!
    Get them for $8.50 from Peppermint Bark.
  • Jewel Tone Glass Ornaments 7 of 15
    Jewel Tone Glass Ornaments
    These bright jewel-tone ornaments in shades of turquoise, cobalt and orange are my personal favorites of the bunch!
    Get them for $10 from RSW Vintage.
  • Hand Painted Ornaments 8 of 15
    Hand Painted Ornaments
    Playing on a love for vintage kitsch, these hand-painted tree ornaments are cooler than cool.
    Get them for $12 from Aloof Noof Whimsy.
  • Satin Thread Ornaments 9 of 15
    Satin Thread Ornaments
    These satin thread ornaments decked out in glitter are all nostalgia — we always had them on our tree as a kid!
    Get them for $8.75 from Southern Sky Art.
  • Deer Ornaments 10 of 15
    Deer Ornaments
    Christmas isn't Christmas without a gaggle of flocked plastic deer, right?
    Get them for $12 from Dotti Rose Studio.
  • Angel Ornament 11 of 15
    Angel Ornament
    This vintage angel ornament from 1960's Japan even has pretty organza wings!
    Get it for $10 from ethanollie.
  • Flocked Glass Ornaments 12 of 15
    Flocked Glass Ornaments
    These big glass ornaments have flocked stripes, giving them an iced-over look that's perfect for the tree!
    Get them for $12.95 from The Princess of Putz.
  • Shiny Brite Ornaments 13 of 15
    Shiny Brite Ornaments
    I love Shiny Brite ornaments, and the colors of these simply make me happy — you can't help but smile at these whether they're on the tree or resting in a glass jar.
    Get them for $6 from Yessiree Petunia.
  • Vintage Shiny Brite Ornaments 14 of 15
    Vintage Shiny Brite Ornaments
    More love for Shiny Brite — these ornaments are super festive, without being too traditional, in fuchsia and gold!
    Get them for $17 from Collectique.
  • Vintage Felt Ornaments 15 of 15
    Vintage Felt Ornaments
    Just say yes to felt ornaments featuring little Santas and elves. You can't go wrong!
    Get them for $10 from Dodad Chick.


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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