Decorate Your Scary Home: 10 Hitchcock-Style Ideas

Hosting a halloween party?  Need inspiration?  Hitchcock is always a good start. You’ll want these for the thrill, for the little jolt down your spine every time you turn on the lights or turn a corner. For the unsettling feeling your guests will have when they do a double-take when something changes as they walk down the hall.  A fair warning, these items are not for the faint-hearted.  Proceed at your own risk. (Above:  Ominous Visitor Shower Curtain,, $17.99).

  • The Hitchcock Heroine 1 of 8
    The Hitchcock Heroine
    Vintage 1950s Granada Handbag. A perfect Hitchcock prop.
    Available on Etsy at Tipsy Number 9, $21.99.
  • The Birds 2 of 8
    The Birds
    Create your own version of the birds and summon the spirits when you decorate with feathered fake black crows.
    Available at, $2.99 - $12.99. (Image from Curious Sofa). .
  • Psycho 3 of 8
    Knife Fridge Magnet. Take that cold machine! Or hang a picture on your fridge with it! A bit psycho perhaps?
    Available at, $9.99.
  • Rear Window 4 of 8
    Rear Window
    Vintage Binoculars. Leave these hanging around by a window with blinds to observe the neighbors.
    Available on Etsy at Rue Des Louves, $31.
  • Psycho 5 of 8
    Bates Motel Sign. Enter at your own risk with this one!
    Available at, $12.99.
  • Dial M for Murder 6 of 8
    Dial M for Murder
    Take the phone off the hook and leave them all hanging.
    Vintage art deco black telephone. Available on Etsy at All the Best Vintage, $74.
  • Psycho Movie Posters 7 of 8
    Psycho Movie Posters
    Perfect (and affordable) halloween decor. Three Hitchcock movie posters that you print yourself.
    Available on Etsy at ElEstilarioCSS, $3.50
  • Rear Window Blinds 8 of 8
    Rear Window Blinds
    A Hitchcock set wouldn't be complete without a pair of adjustable slat blinds! (And hey, perfect for after the party too)!
    LINDMON venetian blinds available at IKEA, $19.99.


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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