Decorating A Kid-Friendly Christmas Tree with a Bit of Childhood Nostalgia

Gingerbread men, sock monkeys, and little red wagons… all the Christmas childhood nostalgia one could wish for! Even if *ahem* your childhood may have been filled more with She-Ra and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, (not that I’m dating myself here), let’s just go with a tree inspired by some of the classic icons of childhood, shall we?

  • Pedal and Pull Ornaments 1 of 9
    Pedal and Pull Ornaments
    What could be better for a childhood nostalgia tree that bikes, trikes, and little red wagons?
    from Crate & Barrel, $11.85/set of 3
  • Sock Monkey Ornaments 2 of 9
    Sock Monkey Ornaments
    What could be better? Oh, I don't know… maybe sock monkeys? Yes!
    from Crate & Barrel, $31.80/set of 4
  • Knit Ball Ornament 3 of 9
    Knit Ball Ornament
    This one comes in several colors (pink and orange, for example), but bright green feels happy and classic at the same time.
    from Jamali Garden, $5
  • Rattan Natural Tree Topper 4 of 9
    Rattan Natural Tree Topper
    This just looks fantastic with the rest of the tree. Not too glam, not too little kid… just right.
    on Amazon, $20
  • Goody Gumballs Garland 5 of 9
    Goody Gumballs Garland
    Cute, colorful, and reminiscent of candy! Perfect for a kid-friendly tree.
    from The Land of Nod, $34
  • Recycled Paper Star Ornaments 6 of 9
    Recycled Paper Star Ornaments
    Every tree needs a little sparkle! These paper ornaments are a good alternative to glittery glass ornaments (no shattering here).
    from Crate & Barrel, $1.95
  • Gingerbread Men Ornaments 7 of 9
    Gingerbread Men Ornaments
    Choose dark or light wool, or both. These would be so cute all over the tree.
    from Jamali Garden, $3/set of 2
  • Felt Ball Ornaments 8 of 9
    Felt Ball Ornaments
    Soft and indestructible, these cheery red balls will add some bright color to your tree.
    from west elm, $6
  • The Tree 9 of 9
    The Tree
    Real or artificial, green is a must for a nostalgic Christmas tree.
    Target delivers fresh trees, $63-150

p.s. Everything above is non-breakable, so it’s kid-friendly and perfect for households with rambunctious little ones.

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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