Disney Dream Cruise: Part 2!

Disney Dream

Hi again from the Disney cruise line! In case you’re just visiting, check out our last post, where I outlined three super-neat features aboard the brand new Disney Dream cruise line, which took its maiden voyage three days ago from Port Canaveral.

In this blog post, Lucy will be sharing two of her favorite activities aboard the ship. First up, snorkeling in Castaway Cay! Read more after the jump.

Snorkeling in Castaway Cay

Disney Dream

The Disney Dream took us to Castaway Cay: Disney’s private island in the Bahamas for a day excursion. The day was sunny (but not too hot), and Lucy and I disembarked for a day of sunning, snorkeling and Shirley Temples. We donned the appropriate snorkel-wear (fins, goggles, snorkels; we looked hilarious) and jumped in! (FYI: Disney cast members were incredibly helpful, as always, among other things: helping us to walk in fins and greeting us/showing us around the island). Lucy is a little fish herself and swam out and found where all the fish (they were beautiful) were hiding — she also spotted a secret Mickey that Disney had hidden underwater; you have to swim pretty far out underneath to find it — yet another Disney touch!

Other cool Castaway features: Serenity Bay, an exclusive 18+ beach area, a huge waterslide, bike path, private cabanas, and a stingray experience — an up, close and personal encounter with the creatures. (We passed on this; fish were enough for us.)

And just for fun: Mt. Rustmore (pictured above). Haha

Edge — Disney’s Tween Club for kids 11-13

Disney Dream

We popped our heads into Disney’s tween cub (they also have a kid’s club, a teen club, and of course, an adult lounge/nightclub.) There’s specific family time (when mom and dad can come into the club with the kids) and designated tween hours where the kids can mingle with each other. (I learned this the hard way when they politely asked me to leave during tween hours…Lucy and I just wanted to play a few games! Whoops.) The set-up was gorgeous — they had neat bean-bag chairs, every game you can imagine, plus a green-screen area where you can do your own “newscast.” As it wasn’t a full cruise, the club was a bit empty when we stopped by, but no doubt, tweens will love it when it’s all full up.

Andrea Zimmerman

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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