DIY Animal Envelope Valentines


How adorable are these Valentines? Genius, Merrilee of Mer Mag made them with her littles for them to give to their friends and I am a little obsessed. They are the perfect valentine for kids and their friends at school. I love how simple and easy they are and not to mention cute as can be!

A big plus for these valentines is they are cheap. Most valentines are cheap, but rarely are they this unique too! You might not even have to go to the store to make these animal envelopes a reality. I would be willing to bet you have most of the supplies around the house already! So really, how can we not make them?

These valentines are so easy to make. Now there are two types of easy when it comes to DIY. There is easy for parents, as in once an adult reads the directions, they could most likely make it without any snags. Then there is easy for kids. This is my favorite kind of easy! A DIY project that is easy enough for kids to make it with very little assistance from their mom or dad is definitely ideal. What kid wants their mom or dad constantly hovering and helping them with each and ever step? These animal envelopes are perfect for showing your kids how to make them then letting them loose with their imaginations and their supplies!

Every kid has at least one favorite animal, right? With this craft you can make all of your kids little friend’s favorite animals! You could easily make panda bears, lizards, horses, you name it! It’s a great way to show how much you care by including something you know they like. Talk about a thoughtful valentine! When you are done decorating them, just fill them up with a love note or a valentine’s day treat and they are ready to hand out!


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