14 DIY Cleaning Products

If you spend any extended amount of time at home you’re probably feeling about as stir-crazy as I am. Suddenly I’m noticing the dust on my blinds and the lint gathering on the baseboards and I’m itching to scrub things from top to bottom. Except all the chemicals and weird stuff found in the majority of cleaning products wig me out, so I did a little research and found out it’s pretty dang easy to make my own-from common household products too!

This post from DIY Life is a great start, click through the slideshow below for even more great solutions.

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    Click through to make your cleaning a little more eco-friendly!
  • Shiny Sink! 2 of 15
    Shiny Sink!
    Stainless steel sink? Shine it right up with baby oil!
    Details here from Parentables
  • Chemical Free Carpet Stain Remover 3 of 15
    Chemical Free Carpet Stain Remover
    Traditional carpet cleaners make me uncomfortable, I can't even pronounce half of what's on the list of ingredients! I sure like the idea of making my own from something as basic as white vinegar!
    Details here from Parentables
  • DIY Dishwasher Soap 4 of 15
    DIY Dishwasher Soap
    Yup, even dishwasher soap can be made at home! Skip the weird ingredients and let's do this!
    Details here from Gypsey Glow Knows Best
  • Reusable Fabric Sheets 5 of 15
    Reusable Fabric Sheets
    A reusable sponge and diluted fabric softener, how cheap and easy is that?
    Details here from Parentables
  • Easy Drain Cleaner 6 of 15
    Easy Drain Cleaner
    I've tried this solution and I can personally attest to its effectiveness!
    Details here from Parentables
  • Goo Gone Miracles! 7 of 15
    Goo Gone Miracles!
    Goo Gone is good for everything. Got a grease stain on your clothes? Goo gone! Sticky residue from price tags? Goo gone!
    Find out more here from Family Handyman
  • Cost Efficient And Effective Laundry Soap 8 of 15
    Cost Efficient And Effective Laundry Soap
    DIY laundry soap is easier than you think, and much, much cheaper. Get on board!
    Details here from Parentables
  • All The Basics 9 of 15
    All The Basics
    Here's a great comprehensive list of common household items you can use to clean!
    Details here from MaryJanes and Galoshes
  • At Home Mold Remover 10 of 15
    At Home Mold Remover
    Moldy tub tile? Here's your answer!
    Details here from Parentables
  • Sink Cleanser And Natural Abrasive 11 of 15
    Sink Cleanser And Natural Abrasive
    Baking soda and white vinegar are like the two twin sisters of awesome. They will clean just about anything.
    Find out more here from Parentables
  • Soap Scum Remover 12 of 15
    Soap Scum Remover
    Ugh, soap scum. This promises to nip it in the bud!
    Details here from Parentables
  • DIY Window Washing Solution 13 of 15
    DIY Window Washing Solution
    Did you know the main ingredient in most window washing fluids is Ammonia (highly toxic!), avoid all that with this DIY solution.
    Details here from Parentables
  • The Power Of Lemon Juice 14 of 15
    The Power Of Lemon Juice
    Here's a pretty great comprehensive list of how to fully harness the power of lemons and lemon juice, a cleaning and disinfecting powerhouse!
    More details here from eHow
  • Chemical Free Oven Cleaner 15 of 15
    Chemical Free Oven Cleaner
    Oven cleaner you can buy in a store is so insanely toxic. Clean your oven the natural way instead.
    Details here from DIY Life

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