DIY Confession: I Got Jealous of My Own Flower Art Pin

Pinterest and I, we have a love/hate relationship.

Beautifully styled and lit pins spark an overwhelming stream of happy emotions. But, I have also awoken in the middle of the night in a cold sweat — panicking that I forgot to pin that mini hot air balloon wedding centerpiece. And now my big day won’t be absolutely perfect.

(I know that sounds crazy, but you are who you are, and I’ve learned to embrace my neuroses.)

One normal pinning day, I found a pretty photo of a flower, used as a brush to create an artsy painting. Moments after hitting “pin it,” my inbox was flooded with repin notification, after notification. Since then, I’ve received over 1,600. Each feel like a “subtle” hint to try this flower art DIY.

I get it people. You really like this pin.

So what’s a girl to do? Well, because I’m a little very high-strung, I couldn’t just take this lying down. No more staring longingly into the abyss — I snapped on my smock and got to work, recreating the pin people loved so much. And gosh darn it, they would like mine too!

Here’s hoping my photo gets just as much love (repins welcome).

You too can create Pinterest gold. Read on for the step-by-step tutorial, using only the flowers in your backyard and supplies in your home. It would also make for a perfectly messy but heartwarming toddler craft.


  • paint (I used acrylic)
  • plate
  • flowers, with 3-5 inches of stem left intact
  • cardstock or watercolor paper
  • paintbrush (optional)
image source: robin clement
image source: robin clement


  1. Squirt paint onto a plate. If too thick, dilute with water and mix together with a paintbrush.
  2. Swirl flower around in the paint.

    image Source: robin clement
  3. Place on paper. Feel free to stamp, swirl, or brush to create different patterns.

    image source: robin clement
  4. Even try different types and shapes of flowers for variety:

    image source: robin clement
  5. Or use your brush to paint in between the flower strokes:

    image source: robin clement
  6. Once done, let dry, frame, hang, and enjoy.

    image source: robin clement
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