Constellation Cards: The Prettiest Toddler DIY

image source: lily glass
image source: lily glass

I’m a huge fan of writing letters and a firm believer in sending thank you notes. (My downfall is the actual sending part … I found a stack of thank you notes from a baby shower that I had four YEARS ago. Sorry, Emily Post.) Regardless, I’m doing my best to pass along this somewhat dwindling art to my daughter. It’s a lovely way to practice gratitude and important to carve out the time to send a tangible note.

While we have finger painted masterpieces out the wazoo, I wanted to create something a little more personal and unique that folks might actually hang onto! And as the nights are getting warmer and we’re spending more time outdoors, we’ve recently begun spotting different constellations in the sky so I thought it’d be fun to incorporate those. With a stamp pad and some fingerprints, we had a fun collection of constellation stationary within minutes! My little one loved the process and started signing her name in all the cards right away.

DIY Constellation Cards


  • 4 x 6 blank cards
  • Black pen or silver gel pen
  • Stamp pad (black for white cards, white for black cards)
  • White and black paints
  • Paintbrush
  • Envelopes (black or white)


  1. To begin, find a few of your favorite constellations or choose them based on birthday months. We chose Gemini, Orion, Leo the Lion, and of course the Big Dipper. Using a fine point pen, place small dots for the constellation’s main stars.

    Image Source: Lily Glass
  2. Once you’ve laid out the pattern on your cards, have your little one press their finger onto the stamp pad and then leave a fingerprint on the pen dot. My daughter loved this part, but needed a few reminders to go slowly so the ink didn’t smudge and she actually made her mark.

    Image Source: Lily Glass
  3. Then use your pen to “connect the dots” and outline the constellation.

    Image Source: Lily Glass
  4. If you want to add an extra touch, lightly splatter some paint to replicate a few additional surrounding stars. And, voila, a lovely set of personalized constellation notecards. (Now don’t forget to actually send them.)
    Image Source: Lily Glass


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