Simple DIY! Make an Irish Knot Rope Necklace for St. Patrick’s Day

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, I put myself to the test and learned how to make an Irish knot. I picked the heart knot, because well… it makes an adorable heart. This project was also one of the easier ones, so if you are new to this, don’t be alarmed. Once you’ve mastered the knot, you can use it for pretty much anything you want. I decided to use mine as a necklace, but I think an Irish knot trivet or coaster would be adorable, too. You could also just hang it on your wall!

Plus, I walk you through step-by-step! Just check it out right below:

  • You Can Do It Too! 1 of 11

    Click through to learn how to make your own Irish knot rope necklace it's very easy.

  • Step 1: Measure and Cut 2 of 11
    Irish kNot - 1

    Measure a piece of rope to fit around your neck comfortably, and then add about 10 extra inches for the knot before you cut.

  • Step 2: Loop-da-loop 3 of 11

    Grab the middle of the rope, and fold over to create a loop. 

  • Step 3: Start Your Knot 4 of 11

    Slip the end of the rope through the loop. 

  • Step 4: Leave Space 5 of 11

    Pull the end of the rope out and space out your first knot like so. Leave enough space so that you can see the second loop at the bottom begin to take shape. 

  • Step 5: Create Your Second Loop 6 of 11

    Take the same end you used, before and slip it through the second loop.

  • Step 6: Check In. Take Your Time! 7 of 11

    Now, you should have the beginnings of the knot pictured above. Don't pull any of the rope all the way through or it will unravel. Keep everything spaced out so you have room to work. 

  • Step 7: Starting the Rest of the Loops 8 of 11

    Take that same end and slip it back through the second loop you created, going over the rope. Notice that there is a space forming in the first loop that you made. 

  • Step 8: Wrap It Up 9 of 11

    Wrap the end of your rope through that space in the first loop.

  • Step 9: And Bring It Back Around 10 of 11

    Bring the end of the rope back up through the original first loop you made. 

  • Done! 11 of 11

    You're done! Pull the rope slowly, adjusting as you go to create your finished knot. I pulled way too tight at first, and it didn't look anything like this. Have some patience and remember that your spacing is key. 


    Tie it around your neck to wear on St. Patrick's Day, or any day you like!

Jacinda Boneau is a fabric designer and founding co-editor at Pretty Prudent, the premier design and lifestyle blog providing inspiration and instruction to help anyone create beautiful things, food, and experiences for their friends and family.

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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