15-Minute DIY: Marble Trivets

image source: nichole redinger
image source: nichole redinger

On a recent trip to the flooring store, I found myself wandering into the marble tile aisle. With marble accessories and design elements all over home decorating these days, I have been dying to add some to our new house. Since tiling our entire bathroom and kitchen in marble is ridiculously out of our budget, I returned home with a single marble tile. It was just too pretty to leave behind. I gazed lovingly at it for a few days before thinking of an idea to put it to good use.

I decided to turn my marble tile into a cute trivet. This quick and easy project would make a great hostess gift! It can be used for a plant stand or as a hot plate at your next dinner party. You could also use smaller tiles as coasters, which is exactly what I’ll be doing next.

Making the trivet only took me about 15 minutes and the glue I used took a few hours to dry. My supply bill totaled about $30, but the supplies listed below will make 4 trivets, making the final cost per item only $7.50!

Image source: Nichole Redinger
Image source: Nichole Redinger

Marble Trivets


  • Marble tile (12 x 12″)
  • Scissors
  • Metal ruler
  • Pencil
  • Cork board tile (12 x 12″)
  • X-acto knife
  • All-purpose glue
  • Large, heavy book
  • 4 self-adhesive felt furniture pads


  1. Prepare the Tile: The tile I chose came in 4 segments held together by a mesh backing. There is a 1/4″ gap between each segment for grout. You will need to cut the segments apart with scissors so that they can be pushed flush with each other when glued. Once apart, use your scissors to also trim away any excess mesh backing. Lay out the segments in front of you so that they are flush with each other and use your ruler to measure the finished size.

    Image source: Nichole Redinger
  2. Prepare the Cork Backing: Use the finished measurements from step 1 to trace a square onto the cork board with your pencil and ruler. Carefully cut the square out using the ruler and x-acto knife. Take your time and make several passes through the cork board with the knife to prevent ragged edges.

    Image source: Nichole Redinger
  3. Assemble the Trivet: Following the manufacturer’s directions for the glue, adhere each segment of marble tile to the top of the cork backing. Place a small amount of glue on the back side of the marble, being careful to keep it away from the edges so that it doesn’t show once dry. Then, place each segment onto the cork backing, being sure they are flush with each other. Carefully place a heavy book on top to press it as the glue dries. Mine took about 2 hours to dry. Once it is dry, turn the trivet upside down and stick one of the self adhesive furniture pads in each corner of the cork back.

    image source: nichole redinger
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