DIY Tassel Luggage Tag

Image Source: Lily Glass
Image Source: Lily Glass

When I was pregnant, my husband and I swore we wouldn’t become those parents who bunker in and never go out; we’d be certain to make time for date nights and weekend getaways. But three and a half years in, we woke up and realized we hadn’t been away without our little one in over a year. It just happened. With a cross-country move (further from the grandparents … first mistake) and new jobs, time and opportunity didn’t allow for overnight escapes.

And so, we’ve re-resolved to be more intentional about scheduling time away, starting with a trip up the coast for our seventh anniversary this month. We purposefully chose a quaint little town known for its cuisine because as parents of an active 3-year-old, we couldn’t think of anything more luxurious than someone else cooking a hot meal and the option to sleep in.

In an effort to motivate me to pack those bags, I spent a recent naptime crafting these DIY Tassel Luggage Tags. They’re the perfect addition to any bag, which will hopefully stand out, reducing the amount of time spent at the airport luggage carousel.

Tassel Luggage Tags


  • Beige or silver cotton embroidery floss (one per tassel)
  • Eye pins (I purchased them here)
  • Pliers
  • Beads (store-bought or make your own marbled beads)
  • Liquid dye (I purchased mine here)
  • Rubber glove
  • Wood tags
  • Pencil
  • Thin black pen or marker
  • Key rings


  1. Begin by unraveling your thread, and cut a 3-inch piece; set aside. Measure out 8 inches and loop the thread back and forth until you’ve used the entire length.

    Image Source: Lily Glass
    Image Source: Lily Glass
  2. Fold the thread in half and use your 3-inch piece to tie tightly around the center. Attach your eye pin to the tied piece of thread and close tightly with pliers.

    Image Source: Lily Glass
  3. Attach your beads, and loop the eye pin back through the bead hole, closing it around itself at the bottom with the pliers. Attach the key ring to the loop.

    Image Source: Lily Glass
  4. Follow the directions of your dye, and while holding the key ring, dip the tassel about 3/4 of the way up. Remove and dip a second time just half the way up. Use your glove to ring out the excess, and lay flat to dry.

    Image Source: Lily Glass
  5. Once dry, use scissors to trim the bottom loops of the tassel. If you would like to add your initials and/or contact information, create the tag portion now. Use a pencil to draft your information on the wooden tags. I put initials and phone number on my small carry-on and a full name and address on the checked bag. Go over with your black pen or marker and attach to the key ring.

    Image Source: Lily Glass
    Image Source: Lily Glass
  6. Fluff and attach! And happy trails to you, my friend.
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