DIY Thanksgiving Dinnerware: Give Mismatched Plates a New Life!

painted-plates-title1-copy2Hosting Thanksgiving this year? Don’t have enough matching plates for all the guests? Don’t despair! I have a great-looking, bargain solution for you. It’s fun. It’s easy. It’s inexpensive. And it’s eco-conscious, too!

Instead of spending a fortune on a brand new collection of plates, hit a second-hand store instead. Collect a stack of mismatched plates — all sorts of combinations can work. I looked for plates that were white, off-white, cream, and light gray. Anything pale. Some have ridges, some have subtle patterns, others are simple as can be. The cool thing is that for this project, the plates don’t need to match, and they don’t need to be expensive either. The dishes I found were $1 each!plates 1Once you have the mismatched dishes collected, you’ll make them look like they belong together by creating a uniform pattern on each plate. Like I mentioned above, the look of the plates you find doesn’t matter because the design you add will make the set cohesive.

These plates will look great on your dinner table, but they also make excellent gifts. You can use six or eight small mismatched dishes to create a set of custom dessert plates. Or maybe a stack of salad bowls, tied up with a big bow and a set of tongs on top. Adorable!

Let’s get started.

DIY Thanksgiving Dinnerware


  • a stack of plates from Goodwill
  •  porcelain paint (I used Pebeo Porecelaine Paint)
  • carrot, brush, stencil, or anything to make a pattern or design

plates 2


Step 1:

First, clean the plates thoroughly, removing any surface gunk. Then use the porcelain paint to create a pattern or design on the plates. I used a carrot to make a tight dot pattern.plates 3

Step 2:

Allow the paint to dry and follow the manufacturer’s instructions to cure the plates in the oven.plates 4

 Step 3:

Then set your big table and enjoy your dinner!plates 5As you can see, I concentrated on dinner plates for this DIY, but I could easily add the same pattern to mismatched salad plates, dessert plates, and bowls to create a full dinnerware set. It’s such a great way to remake and reuse existing products! And of course, you can pick any colors you like. For Thanksgiving, something brass-y or metallic gold is lovely. But if you’re making everyday plates, you might go with a cheery yellow pattern or maybe a crisp blue. Or perhaps you’ll make a set of holiday dishes in red!

I hope you enjoy the project. And I hope you have fun setting the table for Thanksgiving — it’s my favorite task of the holiday!

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