DIY Tucked Side Ponytail

Diy Tucked Side Ponytail via Babble

I am always looking for easy and cute hairstyles for my little girl. I found this adorable tucked side ponytail that I tried and now is one of my favorite go to hairstyles for my daughter. It takes less than 3 minutes and your daughter will love it! All you need is a brush, ponytail holder and some hairspray and voila you’re done!

  • Step 1 1 of 5
    Step 1
    Brush hair all the way through.
  • Step 2 2 of 5
    Step 2
    Pull hair over to the side and secure it with a ponytail holder.
  • Step 3 3 of 5
    Step 3
    Create a circular opening above the ponytail holder and tuck hair from the bottom of the ponytail through.
  • Step 4 4 of 5
    Step 4
    Loosen this by pulling on the hair above the ponytail holder.
  • Step 5 5 of 5
    Step 5
    Spray the hair with hairspray and voila, you are all done!

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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