This Watermelon Tray Will Complete Any Summer Party

Add that extra touch to summer get-togethers with this adorable DIY Watermelon Tray. Use classic red, green, and black paint to transform a regular wooden tray into the season’s favorite fruit.

DIY Watermelon Tray


  • Flat tray
  • Red spray paint
  • Green and black acrylic paint
  • 2 bowls
  • 2 paintbrushes (1 regular, 1 fine)
  • 2 handles
  • Permanent craft adhesive


  1. Spray paint the flat tray with two coats of red paint. Then let it dry.
  2. Pour the green acrylic paint into a bowl. Using the regular paintbrush, paint the edge of the tray green.

    Image Source: Babble
  3. Pour the black acrylic paint into the second bowl. Paint the seeds with the fine paintbrush and black paint.
  4. Glue on the handles with the permanent craft adhesive.

    Image Source: Babble
    Image Source: Babble
  5. Let the tray dry overnight.
Image Source: Babble
Image Source: Babble
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