DIY Wrapping Paper Using Kitchen Items

image source: lily glass
image source: lily glass

Growing up, it was kind of an unspoken rule to unwrap your gifts as neatly as possible in an effort to refold and reuse the wrapping paper for next year. It was a combination of thrift and appreciation for the unique that drove my mother to say, “Oh! Save that one!” over and over again. It turns out that the apple hasn’t fallen too far from the tree. I have a whole storage shelf set aside for paper I’ve deemed worthy of re-using. 

So now, here’s your chance to give the wrapping paper that makes someone say “Oh! Save that!” with these three fun, easy, and affordable wrapping paper DIYs using everyday kitchen objects. You can do them yourself when the little ones are all asleep or enlist their help as the painting and stamping is kid-friendly. All you’ll need to buy is some white paper and your choice of paint. In order to add a little pop under the tree, I chose three bright colors and a lovely festive gold to tie them all together. 

DIY Wrapping Paper


  • White kraft paper (I used this roll)
  • Muffin tin
  • Egg carton
  • Rolling pin
  • Aluminum foil
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • 3-4 acrylic paint colors
  • Paint brushes

Muffin Tin Wrapping Paper


  1. Lay out your paper and brush a generous amount of paint to the bottom of each muffin holder. I kept the gold nice and thick, and combined the pink and purple to create a subtle marbled look.
  2. Turn over and stamp the paper in a repeating pattern.Image Source: Lily Glass

Egg Carton Wrapping Paper


  1. Remove the top or “lid” of your egg carton and use this part for your paint tray.
  2. Cut the bottom portion in half and dip into your color of choice.
  3. Stamp in a repeating pattern. I left a larger space in between each column to stamp gold dots, using the tiny triangles that protect the eggs on the reverse side.
Image Source: Lily Glass
Image Source: Lily Glass

Rolling Pin Wrapping Paper


  1. Wrap your rolling pin with tinfoil 2-3 times and use tape to secure. I covered a cookie dish in tin foil as well and applied two paint colors.Image Source: Lily Glass
  2. Roll the pin on the cookie sheet and then onto the wrapping paper. Allow to dry and repeat with the gold paint.

    Image Source: Lily Glass
    Image Source: Lily Glass

Voila — pretty patterned wrapping paper!

image source: lily glass
image source: lily glass

Wrap your gifts, and finish with ribbon and bows!

Image Source: Lily Glass
Image Source: Lily Glass
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