Don't Call This Child's Chair Childish

Chid's CharDesigning for kids furniture and toys is much like writing a children’s book. People assume that just because there are less words and more pictures, it’s an easier proposition. And the same goes for furniture design. Most people wrongly assume that just because there is less material and the kids are small, that somehow there is less work involved. Of course, all this couldn’t be further from the truth.

The architect Kristian Vedel was one of the first to understand the complexity of designing children’s furniture and approached the whole matter from a simple and modern perspective.

This is a chair he originally designed in Denmark in the 50s, but has now been exclusively reproduced for design junkies.

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Not only did he design furniture to look amazing in any room, he also considered what a kid would use it for and how they would play with it. As we all know, children love to toss, flip and use their furniture in many ways we could not even anticipate.

“My Purpose was to create a combination of a child chair and a tumble stool, appealing to the children’s own fantasy and their varying psychological and physical needs. A tool, to support single as well as group of children, which in size, form, weight and character, fits as many situations and ages as possible.” Kristian Vedel, 1999.

Hence, this historic chair ($590) that can be used for pretty much their entire childhood and beyond.

Photos: Modern Child

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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