Easy And Awesome Decorated Easter Eggs

We are in full egg dyeing and decorating mode over here. My son is getting to an age where he can kind of get into it and “help” me make the eggs look pretty. I have been scouring the internet for some genius decorating ideas that are also easy to do and wouldn’t you know it, I found some pretty awesome ones! I love regular old dyed eggs as much as the next person, but this year I really wanted to make a few eggs that would stand out from the rest and be something special that my family will remember years from now. What makes these decorated eggs so special you ask? Well, for example one of them turns the eggs into a swan. A swan! And it looks awesome and beautiful and I am definitely doing it. There are fun and crazy ideas like that along with a few super easy ones like adding pom poms and making your eggs look marbled. Sounds like a lot of fun, right? Check them all out and have fun picking which ones you and your family will try out this year!

1. Swans and Flamingos

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Image Source: Studio DIY

These have got to be my favorite eggs this year. Could there be anything more adorable? I have to make that swan egg. Not for my son, but for me. Just me. (via Studio DIY)

2. Portraits

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Image Source: Paper N Stitch

These would be so much fun to make with kids faces on them and then for the egg hunt have them find their face! They would love it and it would be pretty entertaining to watch. (via Paper N Stitch)

3. Disguised

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Image Source: Small For Big

I love the idea of eggs trying to disguise themselves as anything but eggs. My favorite has to be the pirate bunny. Hilarious and festively appropriate! (via Small For Big)

4. Pineapples

Image Source: Studio DIY
Image Source: Studio DIY

Yes, pineapples! How could I not make these for our baskets? My son might crack one open hoping for some actual pineapple. But it’s totally worth it, right? (via Studio DIY)

5. Pom Poms

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Image Source: And We Play

Pom poms make everything a little more festive and a lot more fun, right? Just hot glue some pom poms onto your eggs and you really don’t have to do much else. They are ready to be hidden and found. (via And We Play)

6. Marbled

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Image Source: Minted

These super simple and fun marbled eggs are just so pretty. If this is the outcome when you mix oil and water, then sign me up! This is actually one I can see doing with my little guy too. (via Minted)

7. Pantone

Image Source:
Image Source: Jessica Jones Design

If you are into design at all, then you will like these eggs. Even if they aren’t totally accurate with the colors, they are funny and colorful eggs and that’s good enough for me! (via Jessica Jones Design)


Article Posted 3 years Ago

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