Eco-Friendly Children's Furniture by NONAH

NONAH Children's Furniture

NONAH, a French company started by three brothers and their sister, makes children’s furniture using wood treated with eco-freindly water-based paints and natural oils. The collection offers unexpected openings, hidden cabinets, and surprising layouts, all designed to encourage each child’s development.

  • Alerce Stackable Toy Boxes 1 of 9
    Alerce Stackable Toy Boxes
    An assortment of small, medium and large stacking toy boxes to store toys and books of different sizes.
  • Salamander Bookcase 2 of 9
    Salamander Bookcase
    A modular bookcase that combines solid wood cabinets with metal accessories.
  • Pepin Stool 3 of 9
    Pepin Stool
    A stylish stool with character for everyday use.
  • Chameleon360 Moveable Shelf 4 of 9
    Chameleon360 Moveable Shelf
    A shelf with moveable components that can be customized to fit their contents.
  • Ikipi Construction Toy 5 of 9
    Ikipi Construction Toy
    Wooden construction toy that packs away in a big bag
  • Maiko Toybox 6 of 9
    Maiko Toybox
    A caravan-type moving toy box with 3 different size compartments, windows and flapping lids.
  • Aldabra Table 7 of 9
    Aldabra Table
    A modern table featuring a sliding tabletop that reveals hidden drawers.
  • Zinda Chair 8 of 9
    Zinda Chair
    A stylish modern chair with a letterbox under the seat.
  • Bubo Storage Cube 9 of 9
    Bubo Storage Cube
    An unusual little storage cabinet with openings and hidden spaces to promote play and imagination.


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