Egg House Pod

Egg House Pod

Designed to be easily transportable while maximizing space, the blob VB3 egg house by Belgian architect dmvA can be used as a guest house or backyard office. The tiny egg-shaped house has all the comforts of home: a bathroom, kitchen, bed, lighting, built-in niche storage, and a nose that opens to create a front porch.


  • blob VB3 Egg House 1 of 6
    blob VB3 Egg House
    Called the "blob VB3," the smooth white polyester structures resembles a hard boiled egg.
  • blob VB3 Egg House 2 of 6
    blob VB3 Egg House
    Inside the egg, all of the necessary functions of a home are tucked neatly into niche storage areas.
  • blob VB3 Egg House 3 of 6
    blob VB3 Egg House
    A shower with a built-in seat is housed at one end of the egg.
  • blob VB3 Egg House 4 of 6
    blob VB3 Egg House
    The project took the architects at Belgian firm dmvA over 18 months to complete.
  • blob VB3 Egg House 5 of 6
    blob VB3 Egg House
    The tiny house can be opened from both the front and the side.
  • blob VB3 Egg House 6 of 6
    blob VB3 Egg House
    Once opened, the nose of the structures serves as a front porch.


Visit the dmvA Architecten website for more information.


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