Entertain Like A Fox (with the Best New Finds from Target’s Threshold Line)

Target’s Threshold line has been consistently winning, but I’m especially enamored of their new bar accessories. So foxy! (Just like I predicted.) That bar cart and little table are pretty swell too. They’re listed as online only, but I saw several of them at my local Target this week.

  • One Foxy Collection 1 of 8
    Entertain Like a Fox!

    A gorgeous brass and wood bar cart, along with decanters and stoppers, coasters, cocktail shakers, and more. 

    Click through to see my favorites from the collection. 

  • Glass Decanter 2 of 8

    This simple decanter has painted gold details, adding a nice touch to the glass. 

    From Target, $17.

  • Tray Table 3 of 8

    I was a little disappointed that the tray was not removable (I saw this one in person) but it's a solid and stylish little table. 

    From Target, $70. 

  • Tray 4 of 8

    So cute! Those little fox handles are perfect. 

    From Target, $25. 

  • Cocktail Shaker 5 of 8

    Fantastic Mr. Fox. I'm pretty sure this makes absolutely perfect drinks. 

    From Target, $13. 

  • Coaster Set 6 of 8

    If you've got a good theme going, why not complete it with these coasters?

    From Target, $10 for four. 

  • Wine Rack 7 of 8

    While it's not copper, that brass sure is an awfully pretty way to store your wine bottles. 

    From Target, $25. 

  • Brass Bar Cart 8 of 8

    This looks even nicer in person, much better quality than the price tag would indicate. If you need further convincing, compare it to the alternatives!

    From Target, $130. 

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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