The 13 Essentials for Snowshoeing!

I did a lot of snowshoeing over Christmas break. It’s my winter sport of choice! It’s simple and doesn’t require a lot of supplies and it’s inexpensive. You can rent snowshoes from places like REI and you really don’t need any gear other than the shoes! Do a quick Google search for snowshoeing trails near your home. Above, is one of the trails I went on a couple weeks ago. It’s the Mirror Lake trail up at Mt. Hood here in Oregon. Here are a few things you might want to be prepared with though, before you go out on the trail. I’ve also included my favorite picks for snowshoes.

  • Thermos 1 of 13
    Bring along some soup or hot chocolate or tea in a thermos!
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  • Wooden Snowshoesll 2 of 13
    Wooden Snowshoesll
    These snowshoes are based on the same wooden snowshoes sold in the 1941 L.L. Bean Catalog. Wooden snowshoes are a little heavier than modern designs, but they are virtually silent, which makes for a lovely snowshoeing experience.
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  • Hiking Boots 3 of 13
    Hiking Boots
    A waterproof pair of boots come in handy to wear your snowshoes with. Though, I have to admit, I've gone out with just a pair of sneakers and been just fine.
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  • Smart Wool Socks 4 of 13
    Smart Wool Socks
    I always wear Smart Wool socks for hiking and snowshoeing because they keep your feet warm but they are breathable! These Fair Isle socks are really cute.
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  • Day Pack 5 of 13
    Day Pack
    It's nice to have a small little pack to carry a thermos, snacks, and to stow away layers. This red pack will look pretty with the snow!
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  • MSR Snowshoes 6 of 13
    MSR Snowshoes
    These snowshoes only weigh a little more than 3 lbs total which will make them easy to wear and pack in. The colors are nice and neutral too!
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  • Field Jacket 7 of 13
    Field Jacket
    Snowshoeing is hard work! So, you'll want to layer up. Top off your layers with waterproof jacket like this field coat from J.Crew.
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  • Beanie 8 of 13
    Stay warm on the trail with this hand-knit beanie.
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  • Gloves 9 of 13
    I always end up getting warm on the trail and tossing a few of my layers in my bag, but my hands are always cold, so I need gloves. Be sure to bring some along! These hand-knit red gloves are super cute!
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  • Waterproof Picnic Blanket 10 of 13
    Waterproof Picnic Blanket
    It's always good to have a blanket, it case you want to stop for a little snow picnic. You can just bring a tarp or a garbage bag, but this waterproof plaid blanket is awfully cute.
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  • Snacks 11 of 13
    Be sure to bring some snacks. My favorite are these mixed nuts from Sahale. They have lots of great flavors to choose from. My favorite is the pomegranate and pistachio mix.
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  • Snow Pants 12 of 13
    Snow Pants
    I actually don't wear snow pants when I snowshoe but most people I know do. If you are going off the trail into deeper snow, you'll definitely want to bring a pair!
    Buy this for $139.93 at REI
  • Water Bottle 13 of 13
    Water Bottle
    Be sure to bring a water bottle! I love this glass one with a steel collar.
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Top photo: Chelsea Fuss.

Chelsea Fuss is a Prop Stylist and a Blogger based in Portland who blogs daily at Frolic!

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