Extravagant Splurge: Disney Princess Rings!

For those who unapologetically love Disney Princesses — and maybe have a wedding or special birthday coming up — all of these custom-designed rings are inspired by our favorite princesses. They’re even inscribed with iconic Disney quotes.

Just one thing: They’ll set you back anywhere from $500 to over $6,000:

  • Disney Princess Rings 1 of 9
    Disney Princess Rings
    The tumblr Heck Yeah Disney Merch! played around with the custom designs on and came up with these Disney-inspired rings...
  • The Little Mermaid 2 of 9
    The Little Mermaid
    This 14K white gold ring — with amethyst, red garnet, and emerald — channels Ariel.
    Buy from GEMVARA, $2,294
  • Cinderella 3 of 9
    The "Lillian Ring" is the ultimate Cinderella fantasy — featuring 18K white gold + aquamarine and white sapphire.
    Buy from GEMVARA, $1,962
  • Rapunzel, from Tangled 4 of 9
    Rapunzel, from Tangled
    A shiny yellow-gold ring that shines brighter than Rapunzel's magical hair.
    Buy from GEMVARA, $1,247
  • Jasmine 5 of 9
    A unique Blue Topaz ring, perfect for a princess.
    Buy from GEMVARA, $2,514
  • Snow White 6 of 9
    Snow White
    The "Garden Treasure Ring" has 18K white gold with sapphire and yellow sapphire.
    Buy from GEMVARA, $6,301
  • Tiana, The Princess and the Frog 7 of 9
    Tiana, The Princess and the Frog
    The most affordable ring on the list — fitting, considering Tiana is the most fiscally responsible princess from the Disney franchise.
    Buy from GEMVARA, $407
  • Pocahontas 8 of 9
    The "Chantilly Ring" features 14K rose gold with red garnet and smoky quartz.
    Buy from GEMVARA, $1,025
  • Mulan 9 of 9
    An ornate and elegant green amethyst ring, with black diamond and emerald.
    Buy from GEMVARA, $1,689

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