19 Festive Fall Centerpieces

  • 19 Festive Fall Centerpieces 1 of 19
    Natural items to use in unforgettable tablescapes
  • Pumpkin Leaves 2 of 19
    Pumpkin Leaves
    We’ve stopped wishing for our pumpkins to turn into royal carriages — so we’re not worried about these adorable gourds getting pulled away to the ball.
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  • Harvest Table Decorations 3 of 19
    Harvest Table Decorations
    Nothing says fall like a crop of seasonal fruits and vegetables — and this understated, elegant bounty does so at just the right volume.
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  • Floral in the Fall 4 of 19
    Floral in the Fall
    We’ve found many uses for pumpkins over the years — but a pumpkin vase stuffed with fall-colored flowers is a fresh idea for your next party.
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  • Fall Harvest Centerpiece 5 of 19
    Fall Harvest Centerpiece
    What’s better than a walk through crunchy leaves in the crisp fall air? Bring that outdoor experience inside to enjoy it all day long.
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  • Autumnal Place Markers 6 of 19
    Autumnal Place Markers
    If there’s a cuter way to start a season-appropriate dinner party, we don’t know it.
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  • Simply Gourd-geous 7 of 19
    Simply Gourd-geous
    These would be a welcome addition to any patio or table, depending on how big your pumpkins are!
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  • Spire Pillar Candelabra 8 of 19
    Spire Pillar Candelabra
    This beautiful candelabra could work for any season — but it makes a perfect, almost witchy accompaniment with these tiny white and green gourds.
    Get the spire pillar candelabra »
  • Easy Being Green 9 of 19
    Easy Being Green
    Just because all the leaves are losing their summery green color doesn’t mean your table has to! This centerpiece blends together greens and browns for a different fall look than the normal oranges and golds.
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  • Mixed Leaves Vase Centerpiece 10 of 19
    Mixed Leaves Vase Centerpiece
    If your vases were sitting empty until springtime, break them out again to create this beautiful, nature-inspired display.
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  • 5-Minute Fall Centerpiece 11 of 19
    5-Minute Fall Centerpiece
    Remember those turkeys you used to make as a kid out of cardboard and seeds? Apply that same idea to pumpkins and candles and you have a gorgeous fall centerpiece in no time!
    Make the 5-minute fall centerpiece »
  • Quince Thanksgiving Centerpiece 12 of 19
    Quince Thanksgiving Centerpiece
    You might need to put on a jacket to dine at this autumnal spread — but it’s so pretty, you won’t mind the chill.
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  • Simple Rosette Fall Centerpiece 13 of 19
    Simple Rosette Fall Centerpiece
    It might take awhile for the roses to bloom outside … but until then, this orange and brown centerpiece will keep our pretty quota filled.
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  • Cattails and Birdseed 14 of 19
    Cattails and Birdseed
    Try this for fall décor that diverges from the typical pumpkins-and-leaves aesthetic.
    Make the cattails and birdseed centerpiece »
  • Blossom 15 of 19
    You may have put your white jeans in the closet after Labor Day — but white flowers? Totally in.
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  • Candle-Based Fall Centerpieces 16 of 19
    Candle-Based Fall Centerpieces
    Nothing's cozier than curling up to a warm, hearty dinner with these beautiful candle centerpieces.
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  • White Fall Centerpieces 17 of 19
    White Fall Centerpieces
    This fall, white is the new orange — or at least it’s a refreshing change that works beautifully with the season.
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  • Kumquat and Pinecone Centerpiece 18 of 19
    Kumquat and Pinecone Centerpiece
    Out of ideas for fall décor? This kumquat and pinecone centerpiece uses items you can easily find outdoors — or at the supermarket.
    Make kumquat and pinecone centerpiece »
  • Reflective Flower Centerpiece 19 of 19
    Reflective Flower Centerpiece
    Mirror, mirror, on the … table? With these gorgeous orange flowers and simple candles, this idea definitely works.
    Assemble a reflective flower centerpiece »

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