Fall Inspiration for Kids from Bonpoint

The fanciest, trendiest French brand, Bonpoint, may not be where we did our back to school shopping but we can certainly learn a thing or two about boys and girls fall fashion by picking apart their look book (if you can stand to not look at the prices!)

Keep reading to see some fall fashion tips for kids with a microscope on the brand that all the celebrity kids wear…

  • Girls: Carmel + Wool 1 of 9
    Girls: Carmel + Wool
    A wool coat (that I want in my size) and bright pops of colors against carmel are perfect for fall
  • Girls: Feathers + Summer Dresses 2 of 9
    Girls: Feathers + Summer Dresses
    Think your 10 yr old could pull off those feathers on that coat? Maybe in France! Plus that summer dress paired with tights and coat makes a great way to use those summer dresses before they get too small!
  • Girls: Scarves + Knickers 3 of 9
    Girls: Scarves + Knickers
    Knickers! How adorable are those paired with the stripey tights. Also the scarf around the neck is tre chic for a little Parisian gal
  • Girls: Cinced waist + Layering 4 of 9
    Girls: Cinced waist + Layering
    A cinced waist on that itty wool coat looks so sweet with the cuffed jeans. Pull those summer skirts out of storage and layer them up!
  • Girls: Muted Pallette 5 of 9
    Girls: Muted Pallette
    French grays are hot on the other side of the pond. Pair them with nice boots, a pop of metallic and lace
  • Boys: Layers + Cuffed Pants 6 of 9
    Boys: Layers + Cuffed Pants
    I haven't spotted many pairs of pants from Bonpoint that aren't cuffed for little boys (take that as a hint!). Layers of jackets and button up shirts make these ready for any outing
  • Boys: Wool and Corduroy Pants 7 of 9
    Boys: Wool and Corduroy Pants
    I didn't spot many jeans at all for boys (another hint) but I did spot lots of wool and corduroy pants for winter.
  • Boys: Blazers + Muted Scarves 8 of 9
    Boys: Blazers + Muted Scarves
    While the girls collection was using pops of color, the boys is mostly muted grays, navys and carmels. Pair them with a nice navy blazer for a more polished look
  • Boys: Outdoory Gear 9 of 9
    Boys: Outdoory Gear
    These outfits seem to be as outdoorsy as the french collection gets. Love all the plaid woodsmen feel to these looks

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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