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If you’re looking for Halloween costume ideas for the entire family (or just a really big group of people), here are some of my favorite costume ideas.

Click through to see different costume ideas for all members of the family — including the ones with four legs:

Most of the costumes are from Etsy (only because I love the idea of handmade costumes), which you can either order, recreate with your own DIY skills, or find cheaper in the stores:

1. Family Costume Idea #1: HARRY POTTER:

  • Wizard Dog Costume, $24.50 1 of 12
    And let's not leave behind the cutest family member of all. Get this dog costume from Young Urban Puppy on Etsy.
  • Magic Wand, $25 2 of 12
    Etsy is booming with wands, such as this authentic-looking one from Imagination Exchange.
  • Adult-Size Robe, $25 3 of 12
    If Mom would rather just dress up in a robe and some jeans, this one from Mud in My Blood (on Etsy) is perfect.
  • Bellatrix Wig, $10.18 4 of 12
    You'll also need a black curly wig, such as this one from eBay.
  • Bellatrix LaStrange Dress, $145 5 of 12
    Sure Mom could be Hermione, Mrs. Weasley, Minerva McGonagall or even Dolores Umbridge, but Bellatrix is by far the most fun for Halloween. This handmade dress is quite pricey, but you'll certainly look the part! Order yours from Cosplaysky on Etsy.
  • Dumbledore Beard 6 of 12
    Loving this knit beard/face warmer instead of the traditional wig-like beard. (Perfect for Dumbledore Dad!) Get it from Foamy Wader on Etsy.
  • Gryffindor Scarf, $17 7 of 12
    Complete the Potter look with a handmade Gryffindor scarf. Buy yours from eBay.
  • Harry Potter Costume, $20 8 of 12
    If your little one would rather be the hero on Halloween, this Harry Potter costume from Target is affordable and complete. Buy yours from Target.
  • Slytherin Robe + Wand, $60 9 of 12
    This handmade Slytherin robe comes in multiple sizes, perfect for a Malfoy costume. It even comes with a wand! Get it from So Sew Mimi on Etsy.
  • Slytherin House Scarf, $29.99 10 of 12
    And a Slytherin outfit isn't complete without the house scarf. Get it from Craft Rabbits on Etsy.
  • House Color Scarf + Arm Warmers, $20 11 of 12
    Or you can buy a House scarf ($15), arm warmers ($10) or buy them together for only $20. You can even get a matching hat for $15. (Either Slytherin or Gryffindor colors.) Get it from SciFi Knits on Etsy.
  • Hedwig the Owl 12 of 12
    I spotted this DIY Hedwig costume over on Pinterest and completely fell in love. See the full DIY post at Inchmark.

Make your Hogwarts Halloween extra special with these fun Harry Potter party ideas!

Stay tuned for more Family Costume Idea slideshows throughout the day!

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