Finger In The Nose From Paris

Yes, you read that right! Although I would never have imagined a Parisian brand talking about a finger in the nose, they have done just that and named their company after the term. ‘Finger in the Nose’ is a popular designer brand for kids established in 2008. The clothing is as cleverly designed as the name itself with simple yet edgy designs with a rock n roll vibe running through it. Not to say that Finger in the Nose has anything to do with rock and roll, but I digress…

The Rock look in general combines rockabilly jackets with the American flannel shirt and corduroy pant style. They have also tied the British music heritage in their preppy Rock look with slim fitted jeans, pea coats and mod and pop influences. There is also a Rocky Mountains range that gives a nod to the great outdoors with thick, checked shirts and rugged jeans.

Graphic print tees are some of the most popular items for Finger and the Nose. Strong and bold designs of motorbikes, mythological creatures and wild animals are combined with high quality 100% cotton fabrics.

For the cold winter months ahead – and the frigid temperatures we are experiencing here in New York and Canada – a must have is the down Snowball jacket. Everyone knows down is perfect for outerwear, but many are concerned over cleanliness. These jackets are stuffed with feathers and down that have been sterilized with antibacterial detergent and then dried in ovens over 100 degrees, so no worries there.

The great thing about this designer, is they focus on the attitude and design, rather than the gender. Elias and Grace stocks many pieces from Finger in the Nose, so it you want to take a peak at the rest of their line, or stock up on Fall/Winter essentials, head on over!

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