Fireplace and Mantle Decoration Inspiration

The new house comes with a fireplace, and a working one at that. I’ve never lived with a fireplace before! It, like the many new things in this house, provides an opportunity for experimentation. What kind of fireplace decor and mantle decoration do I like? Bare or cluttered? Giant art, or a mirror? While I unpack and play around, here are some inspiration images in case you’re looking to update your mantel decor as well.

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    Fireplace and Mantle Decoration Inspiration

    Here we go. Eleven inspiration ideas for decorating my new, functioning corner fireplace. (You know, that you can use too.)

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  • The New (old) Fireplace 2 of 13

    Let's take a close look at what I'm working with here. Large brick hearth, corner orientation, plenty of space above. 

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  • A Mirror and Plants 3 of 13

    A classic look, detailing the wall above with trim and centering a round mirror to offset all the lines. A symetrical arrangement of plants and candles completes the look. 

    From Better Homes and Gardens.

  • Eclectic Florals 4 of 13

    Wallpaper, a large scale print and a collection of flowers, combined with the garland, basket and plant make for an interesting and eclectic option.

    From Apartment Therapy

  • The Large Mirror 5 of 13

    We have a working fireplace, but this might be fun in the summer. Or even right now, as we left all our bookshelves behind at the old house. 

    From Feather Out

  • Dark and Dramatic 6 of 13

    We all know I love a good bust. The detail on that mirror, with the busts and flowers - gorgeous!

    From Abigail Ahern

  • Playing with Scale 7 of 13

    Go big or go home. We have high ceilings and a room that can handle this kind of drama. Could be fun. 

     From Apartment Therapy

  • Portrait and Collections 8 of 13

    A large vintage portrait paired with a fun bottle collection, feathers and a globe? Plus a garland. With the armchairs as well this one is right up my alley. 

    From Country Living.

  • Abstract Art and Painted Brick 9 of 13

    I'm committed to living with all the wood in the new house, but I'm not so sure about the brick surround. A little paint and an abstract painting to tie in my teal sofa might be just the thing. 

    From Midwest Living

  • Painted Brick and Ornate Mirror 10 of 13

    Another painted brick option. I like the fun elephant stool (or maybe a monkey?) with the more ornate mirror and gorgeous hydrangeas. 

    From Better Homes and Gardens

  • Simple (with a fabulous light!) 11 of 13

    Sometimes simple is best. Especially when paired with that amazing light fixture and sculptural chairs. 

    From Interiors Magazine

  • Art, Horses and Plants, oh my. 12 of 13

    Graphic art, horse head, ferns - what's not to love here?

    From West Elm

  • Color Matching 13 of 13

    I'm not sure yet what paint colors, or even what furniture, will be in this room, but coordinating some simple accessories with those choices is an easy way to decorate the mantel. 

    From West Elm

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