Flower Arranging 101

flower arranging

Do you buy fresh flowers each week? I love having fresh flowers around my house! I feel it’s just as important as having fresh food. Flowers are pretty as they are, so it doesn’t take much to make a lovely little bouquet. Here are my 5 fool-proof tips for flower arranging, after the jump!

1. Pick out blossoms that are fresh. Do the petals feel firm? Are they rich in color? Are the leaves firm and green? If you can answer yes to each of these, the flowers are fresh and should last around a week.

2. Pick one or two colors of flowers that you think look pretty together. One type of flower or one color can be most striking.

3. When you get the flowers home, re-cut the stems and sit them in fresh luke warm water (cold for daffodils and other bulbs).

4. Arrange the flowers in your hand, cut their stems and plop them into the vase. Remember: don’t be afraid to cut the stems short. I usually like to keep the vase at 2/3 of the height but do whatever looks good to you.

5. Refresh the water every day and take off old leaves and your flowers should last around a week.

Happy flower arranging!

P.S. Here are some ideas for simple, inexpensive vases to get you started!

Photos: Chelsea Fuss for Project Wedding.

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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