Found Your Summer Tote Yet? 15 Beach Bags Here!

Summer is almost here and I, for one, can’t wait! Finding the perfect tote is crucial for maximum warm weather enjoyment — don’t you think? You need something strong and durable, big enough to hold all the essentials, and maybe with a pocket or two for your keys and phone.

In the quest for the great beach bag of 2012, I’ve put together 15 fabulous picks for every budget. Click through the slideshow below, and maybe you’ll find one meant just for you!

  • 44 Knots Tote 1 of 15
    44 Knots Tote
    Made from recycled sailcloth, these are so cool!
    Pretty pricey for $165 but I bet they're super durable!
  • Beau Coup Beach Bag 2 of 15
    Beau Coup Beach Bag
    A cute little striped tote on the affordable side of things!
    Find it here for only $35!
  • Eddie Bauer Nylon Tote 3 of 15
    Eddie Bauer Nylon Tote
    Instead of canvas, what about a nylon tote? This one from Eddie Bauer looks like it could get the job done!
    Purchase here for $69.95.
  • Boardwalk Tote From J.Crew 4 of 15
    Boardwalk Tote From J.Crew
    Cute little striped tote, perfect for a solo trip to the pool. Not so sure it would fit everything you need to pack if kids are involved!
    On sale for $49.50!
  • Land’s End Open Top Canvas Tote 5 of 15
    Land's End Open Top Canvas Tote
    In my opinion, Land's End does it best. I have this exact tote (except in red) and I use it all. the. time. The interior pockets are my favorite! The extra-large size is perfect for overnight visits, beach trips, pool time, you name it. I'm a fan!
    The extra-large is only $35!
  • L.L. Bean Zip-Top Canvas Tote 6 of 15
    L.L. Bean Zip-Top Canvas Tote
    Nothing fancy here, L.L. Bean's version of the standard, canvas classic. This one with a zip top if you prefer things a bit more secure.
    From $26.95 to $41.95 depending on what size you get.
  • Deux Lux Resort Stripe Tote 7 of 15
    Deux Lux Resort Stripe Tote
    How darling is this embellished tote from Nordstrom? I love it!
    Available here for $102.
  • Ralph Lauren Canvas Tote 8 of 15
    Ralph Lauren Canvas Tote
    Another customizable version of the basic canvas tote. Still a bit pricey for my tastes, especially when you can get the same thing from Land's End or L.L. Bean much cheaper.
    Find it here for $95.
  • Terry Rich Beach Tote 9 of 15
    Terry Rich Beach Tote
    Gorgeous tote from Australian brand Terry Rich.
    A bit pricey at $190 USD.
  • Sea Bags for J.Crew 10 of 15
    Sea Bags for J.Crew
    J.Crew steps it up a notch with these individually handmade bags crafted from reclaimed sails. No two are alike!
    Available here for $165.
  • Vilamoura Striped Tote From Pottery Barn 11 of 15
    Vilamoura Striped Tote From Pottery Barn
    Pottery Barn keeps it classy, functional, and totally affordable.
    On sale for $39!
  • Vineyard and Vines Beach Tote 12 of 15
    Vineyard and Vines Beach Tote
    It's written all over the front!
    Find it here for $125.
  • DVF Beach Tote 13 of 15
    DVF Beach Tote
    In my dreams I'd own a beach bag by Diane von Furstenberg, right?
    Find it here for a cool $145.
  • Rope Strap Canvas Tote 14 of 15
    Rope Strap Canvas Tote
    Sometimes you can't beat striped and simple from Old Navy.
    Purchase here for only $19.94.
  • Eco Friendly Zip Tote 15 of 15
    Eco Friendly Zip Tote
    These eco-friendly totes are made from recycled rice bags and have zippered pockets on the inside, a totally handy feature. Sales benefit a good cause too, super cool!
    Purchase here for $44.

*top image from Pria Piquinia


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