Funniest Cartoon Character Pictures for your Facebook Profile

When you’re sifting through cartoon pictures to find the very best cartoon character pictures for Facebook, why not go with something more unique? Better yet — why not go with something to make your Facebook friends laugh. So while your friends are sporting sweet pictures of the Care Bears or typical Bugs Bunny, you’ll stand out by making everyone giggle.

Here are our favorite funny cartoon character pictures for Facebook:

One of the cutest Disney characters ever, how many people have Aladdin’s Abu as their Facebook profile picture?

When brainstorming funny Disney characters, one might think of Dopey. But this Bashful cartoon picture is way cuter, especially for those Facebook friends who are a little more sweet and shy.

For foodie Facebook friends, Dagwood is a unique and funny choice for their cartoon profile picture.

Magilla Gorilla: Totally underrated and sure to put a smile on your Facebook friends’ faces.

For those on Facebook in that type of a relationship. One of the funnier Popeye cartoon character pictures you can find for your Facebook profile.

For those Facebook moms who sometimes feel like robotic servants/maids/caregivers, Rosie from the Jetsons is the perfect cartoon profile picture.

Try not to smile at this Tigger cartoon profile picture.

The Disney character Rafiki from the Lion King is certainly a unique choice for your Facebook profile picture. Bet you didn’t think of him!

The perfect Wile E Coyote cartoon picture for your Facebook profile for those who are having that kind of a week.

A favorite cartoon character for sure, this Spongebob picture is a funny cartoon choice.


He-Man is one of the most ridiculous cartoon characters you can pick for your Facebook profile, and we love the idea.

Another funny, ridiculous choice for your cartoon Facebook profile picture.

For those  “lady man” Facebook friends who are borderline delusional, this is an awesome cartoon character picture for Facebook.

For Roadrunner cartoon fans, this is a funny cartoon character picture for Facebook.

Tell me this isn’t a funny Pepe Le Pew cartoon picture for your profile.

Anyone looking for Yosemite Sam pictures? This is a funny cartoon character picture for your Facebook, especially if you’ve been feeling a little stressed lately.

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