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baby hats

Let’s take a break from the impressively designed products and exciting new launches to have ourselves a laugh. While I was browsing for our favorite Halloween costumes of the year (stay tuned for that feature!) I came across some pretty ridiculous handmade hats from Etsy. Yes, they can be used for Halloween or photo props, but in most cases they’re just…hats.

Let’s face it, babies and toddlers can get away with pretty much anything in the name of cute. So while you’re starting to think about the colder months ahead, consider something a bit more humorous. Why not, right? They won’t be able to get away with it for long!


baby hat

Mmmm, cute enough to eat! Find this adorable “Banana Banana Banana Hat” at the Etsy shop Haley Abigail, $17.


crab baby hat

Once a mood change hits, just plop on his crabby hat! Brilliant. Find this at the Etsy shop, Butterfly Blue Designs, $15.


You know, for photos to show his date in 16 years. (Comfy Cozy Boutique, $24).


The perfect Munchkin hat for your little Munchkin. Isn’t it just achingly cute? You can get one custom-knit from the Etsy shop Mad About Colour for $28.


I don’t think this hat needs an explanation, especially now that football season is back. (Get it from Cynsational Treasure, $12.)


Baby Hat

Any Futurama fans out there? This “Brain Slug” hat is designed to be one of those cartoon slugs that attaches to human heads in order to control them, yet…we think it’s kind of pretty! And who doesn’t love a pair of antennas on a baby? (Buy this Brain Slug Hat, 6 – 12 months, from Squirrel Productions for $15.)


Cute for Halloween, sure, but, really, when is a baby lion not appropriate? We guarantee lots of smiles, chuckles and “awwwwwww!”s. Buy this “Cowardly Lion Chrochet” from Bree Lia Boutique for $19.99.


Again, it might look like it’s a Halloween hat, but the fact that it’s a hand-crocheted beanie hat means it’s perfectly functional for outdoor activities. C’mon, how hard would you laugh if you saw a newborn hanging out in one of these Frankenstein hats? (Nmelone13, $18.99, newborn to 10 years old)


haloween costumes

I’ll never get sick of baby Yodas, especially with this hand-knit hat from Etsy. (Pink Toad, $22)


funny baby hats

Of course I love this for a costume or photo, but let’s face it: It’s a hat. Therefore, you can technically have her wear it all winter.

(The Green Hedgehog, $17.95)

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