With the Furoshiki Gift Wrapping Method, You’ll Never Have to Buy Wrapping Paper Again

Image source: Summer Bellessa

I hate having to throw away a huge mound of wrapping paper at the end of Christmas night. I’ve always felt like it was such a waste. I didn’t know there was an alternative that could keep the magic and surprise of gift giving, until now! Say hello to Furoshiki.

Furoshiki, a type of traditional Japanese wrapping cloths, have been popping up on Pinterest as the coolest way to wrap your presents this holiday season. The beautiful knots and pretty fabrics are a great way to cut down on wrapping paper waste this year, all while leaving your friend or family member with a bonus gift.

Whether you buy a traditional Furoshiki cloth or get creative with what you already have is up to you. I’ve loved using scarves, but have also found that kitchen towels and fabric work great. (Psst! The closer the fabric is to being a square, the better.) I’ve even found beautiful sheets from the 1970s from a thrift store that I cut up to wrap presents with. The prettier the pattern, the prettier the presentation!

Image source: Summer Bellessa

There are many ways to tie the fabric, which of course depend on the type of object you’re wrapping. As you get more creative with the fabric, you might also have to get craftier with the type of knots you use.

To keep things fun and interesting, I’ve even used a brooch to help keep the fabric secure, like a little bow on top.

So consider this sustainable wrapping technique this holiday season. It’s fun to create unique gifts with less waste that are especially pretty. After all, Furoshiki wrapping is simply “tie” die for!

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