Get Organized: 25 Totally Clever Storage Tips and Tricks for Summer

As you may remember, we kicked off Spring this year with a heaping helping of 25 Totally Clever Storage Tips and Tricks for Spring. Why stop there? I say. Keep those tips and tricks coming. Mini loaf pans are not just for baking anymore when you can use them to store your makeup and nail polishes. Losing batteries all the time? Pick up a tackle box next time you’re out and you will find they will all fit neatly inside. Let’s start summer off right by Getting Organized: 25 Totally Clever Storage Tips and Tricks for Summer…

  • Where Are All the Batteries? 1 of 25
    Where Are All the Batteries?
    Sound familiar? Use a plastic tackle box as a way to store different size batteries.
    Find out more at Better Homes and Gardens.
  • Wrapping Paper Holders 2 of 25
    Wrapping Paper Holders
    Save toilet paper rolls to use for holding together loose wrapping paper.
    Check it out at Finding Joy.
  • Receipt Jars 3 of 25
    Receipt Jars
    Use glass jars labeled for each month to keep track of your receipts.
    Find out more at Homestead Revival.
  • Blossoming Bathroom Storage 4 of 25
    Blossoming Bathroom Storage
    Flower pots make for a cute way to store bathroom supplies.
    Find out more at Better Homes and Gardens.
  • Extra Belt Space 5 of 25
    Extra Belt Space
    Drill hooks into wooden hangers for extra space to store belts.
    Check it out at Martha Stewart.
  • Ladder Storage 6 of 25
    Ladder Storage
    Distress a wooden ladder to use for a pretty way to store blankets.
    Spotted at Cupcakes and Cashmere.
  • Keep Track of Tupperware 7 of 25
    Keep Track of Tupperware
    No more lost tupperware tops when they are neatly organized in a dish rack.
    Check it out at In This Crazy Life.
  • Flip Flop Hangers 8 of 25
    Flip Flop Hangers
    Bend hangers in the perfect shape to hold your summer flip flops.
    Find out more at EPBOT.
  • Bracelet Storage 9 of 25
    Bracelet Storage
    Use an inexpensive paper towel holder to store bracelets.
    Find out more at The Adventures of Vamh.
  • Wine Rack Storage 10 of 25
    Wine Rack Storage
    Use an under-the-shelf wine rack to store pens, pencils and knick knacks.
    Get the tutorial at Better Homes and Gardens.
  • Reuse a Soap Box 11 of 25
    Reuse a Soap Box
    Place a small digital camera inside a soap box to keep it safe when traveling.
    Find out more at Real Simple.
  • Imperfect Homemaking 12 of 25
    Imperfect Homemaking
    A shoe organizer can come in handy when organizing a bathroom cabinet.
    Check it out at Imperfect Home.
  • Belt Bookshelf 13 of 25
    Belt Bookshelf
    When you've run out of bookshelf space use leather belts to hold the leftover books.
    Find out more at Apartment Therapy.
  • Magnetic Paint Brush 14 of 25
    Magnetic Paint Brush
    Add a magnet to a paintbrush to keep from losing it and avoid drips.
    Find out more at Storage and Glee.
  • Cuties Bag for a Cutie 15 of 25
    Cuties Bag for a Cutie
    Reuse a cuties bag to hold bath toys.
    Spotted at A Real Life Housewife.
  • Yarn Jars 16 of 25
    Yarn Jars
    Use baby and mason jars to store yarn.
    Spotted at Home Made Simple.
  • Thank You Lazy Susan 17 of 25
    Thank You Lazy Susan
    Use a lazy susan in the bathroom for easy access to toiletries.
    Spotted at Good House Keeping.
  • Mini Loaf Pans 18 of 25
    Mini Loaf Pans
    Mini loaf pans are the perfect size to store makeup, nail polish and perfumes.
    Check it out at Better Homes and Gardens.
  • Makeup Brush Help 19 of 25
    Makeup Brush Help
    Use a glass vase and colorfill vase beads to keep your brushes from falling all over the place.
    Find out more at Liz Marie.
  • Lotion to Charger 20 of 25
    Lotion to Charger
    Check out how easy it is to reuse a lotion bottle to store your electronics while they're charging.
    Find out more at Make it and Love it.
  • Straw Holder 21 of 25
    Straw Holder
    Use toothpaste containers to hold straws and to keep them from bending and cracking.
    Check it out at Chica and Jo.
  • Scrap Fabrics 22 of 25
    Scrap Fabrics
    Pick up an old cassette tray from a thrift store to use as fabric scrap storage.
    Find out more at Tonya Staab.
  • Kleenex Bag Holder 23 of 25
    Kleenex Bag Holder
    Fasten a kleenex bag to your inside cabinet to use as a place to store empty grocery bags.
    Check it out at Real Simple.
  • Milk Jug Storage 24 of 25
    Milk Jug Storage
    Decorate empty milk jugs and use them for an easy way to scoop up and store toys.
    Check it out at Family Fun.
  • Glitter Filled 25 of 25
    Glitter Filled
    Fill salt jars with glitter to keep it from getting all over the place.
    Spotted at Polka Dot Pineapple.



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